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Concrete Casting News from the Hill and Griffith Company

12 Advantages of Large-Scale Construction Precast Concrete

Self-Compacting Concrete: Materials, Properties and Applications

Technical Questions: Concrete Form Release Agents

Specifications for Structural Concrete: Form Release Agents

Experimental Formwork for Facing Concrete – Benefits for Research and Practice

Concrete Release Agent Classification

The Right Choice and Correct Use of Formwork Release Agents

VOC-Compliant Form Release Agents

Concrete Forms - Types and Selection of Concrete Forms

The Construction of Tilt-Up: Bond Breakers

How to Keep Concrete From Sticking to Wood

Water & Wastewater Tanks Product-Specific Certification

NPCA Precast Learning Lab Video: Form Oil Application

Concrete Form Release Agents

GMI: Concrete Surface Treatment Chemicals Market Size Worth $15 Billion by 2025

A Short History of Concrete Pipe by the PCA

Stop by Booth 1427 at the 2020 Precast Show in Ft. Worth thru Saturday

Producers' Guide: Form Release Agents

Composition of Concrete Release Agents

The Importance of Precast Concrete Cistern pH

Formwork Lubricants - Types and Uses of Release Agents for Formworks

Get More from Your Mix - For Less

Avoiding Surface Imperfections in Concrete: bugholes, crazing, dusting, flaking, honeycombing and popouts

Formwork Rust: Reasons and Prevention

Applying Concrete Form Release Agent

Cutting-Edge Production Management System is a Game-Changer for Canadian Precast Manufacturer

5 Rules of Watertightness to Reduce Porosity and Permeability

Understanding Biodegradable Concrete Form Release Agents

Properly Applying Concrete Release Agents

Coating Tilt Up Concrete Walls

5 Options for Dry-Cast Concrete Pipe Dip Tank Maintenance

Preventing Bug Holes in Precast Concrete

The Influence of Form Release Agent Application to the Quality of Concrete Surfaces

ACI Releases New Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete

Selecting and Using Concrete Release Agents - Excerpt

Please Release Me - Appropriate Use of Concrete Release Agents

Wood Form Concrete Release Agents

Choosing and Using a Form Release Agent

Prefabricating Individual Components Within the Concrete Manufacturing Process

Eliminate Surface Concrete Casting Bug Holes

Precast Concrete Form Release Agent Q&A from ACI

Article Review: Concrete Formed Surface Classifications & Specifications

Article Review: Evaluating and Diagnosing Formed Surface Imperfections

Employees drive safety and product quality in American precast concrete pipe plants

More is Better in Baseball - Less Release Agent is Better in Precast Concrete

The Hill and Griffith Company Welcomes Executive-Level Director of Sales

Precast Concrete - Care and Seasoning of Metal Forms and Rings

12 Advantages of Large Scale Construction Precast Concrete

Concrete Release Agent Selection for NSF/ANSI 61 Potable Water

Prestressed Concrete Pressure Pipe & Concrete Steel Pressure Pipe, Review of AWWA Standard for Potable Water

Grifcote® and Cast-O-Magic® Concrete Form Release Agents

Grifcote® LV-50 Plus NSF Approved Potable Water Concrete Form Release Agent

Article review, "The Effects of Concrete Release Agents on the Formwork/Concrete Interface"

Why Precast Concrete Drinking Water Tanks Are The Best

ACPA Education Review: "Concrete Pipe – Pre & Post Pour Inspections"

Article Review: "Concrete Pipe – Health and Safety  in Severe Weather Conditions"

Quality Control and Testing of Concrete Pipe

Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute Design Awards 2017

Article Review - Selecting and Using Form Release Agents

Lightweight Precast Concrete Roof with Optimized Load-Bearing Design

The Precast Show 2020 Fort Worth, Texas

Race Now to Build Your Business at The Precast Show

Visit Booth 739 at The Precast Show, Feb. 28 - Mar. 2

A Short History of Concrete Pipe by the PCA

Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute Annual Design Awards for Transportation

Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute Annual Design Awards for Buildings

Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute Announces Industry’s Annual Design Awards

Prevent Concrete Bughole Surface Void Formation

"Form Release Agents," Technical Q&A from the American Concrete Institute Review

What is concrete release agent form oil made of?

Do I need to remove concrete form release from rebar?

Happy Holidays!

Safety Data Sheet Regulations for Concrete Form Releases

Review: "Guide for Surface Finish of Formed Concrete"

Beware of "Smooth - As Cast" Texture Description - There is no such thing

Precast Concrete Producer Profile: Team Elmer, Traverse City, MI

Do I need to remove concrete release agent from rebar?

Quick Reference Guide To Concrete Form Release Agents

Causes and Fixes for Self Consolidating Concrete Bug Holes, Article Review "Precast Inc." Magazine

Precast Solutions: Bourbon, Neat, with a Splash of Precast Concrete

NPCA extends product-specific certification to water, wastewater tanks

Elections, Awards and Plant Tours Top NPCA Convention in Providence

Video Tour of Mammut Technocrete Precast Concrete Manufacturing Plant, Dubai

Video Tour of Kyushu, Japan Precast Concrete Manufacturing Plant

Poundfield Precast Concrete Products Video Review

Article review: "U.S. Skills Gap is Hurting Manufacturing"

Review of AWWA Standard for Concrete Potable Water Prestressed Concrete Pressure Pipe & Concrete Steel Pressure Pipe

Prestressed Concrete Cylinder Water Pipe Comparison to Bar Wrapped Water Pipe with Steve Smith

2017 NSF/ANSI Water Treatment and Component Standards

Protect Your Precast Forms with Reactive Release Agents and Rust Preventatives

Choose the form, and you’ve narrowed the choice of concrete form release agent

The Precast Show 2019 is already at 96% capacity!

Happy 5th Anniversary!

NSF Concrete Form Release Agent Evaluation

Precast Concrete Form Cleaning and Release Application for Potable Water Tanks

Why Precast Concrete Cistern pH is Important

Why Precast Concrete Drinking Water Tanks Are The Best

NSF/ANSI 61 Potable Water Concrete Release Agent Selection

Precast Concrete Company Spotlight - Dura Art Stone

Why Get American Concrete Institute Certified?

American Concrete Institute's Frequently Asked Questions - "Form Release Agents"

Review of Precast Concrete Form Maintenance Article in PRECAST INC Magazine

Guide for Surface Finish of Formed Concrete

How To Lose A Customer in 10+ Easy Ways, by Bob Waterloo

Proper Use of Concrete Form Release Can Save Your Forms

Precast Concrete Bug Hole Prevention

Congratulations Ron Schweyer on your 5th Year of Dedicated Service!

New Benefits for NPCA Certified Plants Coming Soon. What is Biodegradable Form Release?

Precast Prestressed T Form Construction Video, including concrete form oil application

Grifcote form release is readily and inherently biodegradable

Baseball Season Has Opened! Here's Our Two Teams' Line Up of Concrete Form Releases

Architectural Concrete Form Release Agent Application Troubleshooting

5 Reasons You Need Precast Concrete Internships, NPCA Online Courses

Winemaker takes a concrete step forward (NSF Potable Water Concrete Release Agents)

What's the difference between barrier & reactive concrete release agents?

Optimism Abounds at The Precast Concrete Show 2018 in Denver

What's Your Favorite Concrete Form Release?

See You At The Precast Show 2018 Booth 1527

What is Concrete Form Release?

Selecting The Best Concrete Form Release Agent

How Do You Apply Concrete Release Agent 4 Different Ways?

Automated Block Casting, Concrete Release Agent Application

Article Review: Concrete form release agent surface finish analysis

The Inquisitive Mind: Jodi Zwart, Master Precaster

Concrete Form Release Selection

Concrete Form Release Definitions

Precast Concrete Form Maintenance

Precast Concrete Plant - Application of Form Oil Video

"How-It's-Made" Precast Concrete Walls with release application video

Cast-O-Magic® Consolver Concrete Remover and Dissolver

How to prevent precast concrete mold and mildew from growing

12 Advantages of Precast Concrete for Large Scale Construction

Concrete Release Agent Comparison Chart

Building the Future, Precast Concrete Careers

Top Ten Concrete Casting Release Agent News Posts

Form Seasoning Concrete Release Reduces Cleanup

News from Sales & Operations - Concrete Casting Technical Support

Are 100% Precast Concrete Buildings The Future?, CP/PC Article Review

Could Mushroom Concrete Release Agent Make Precast Self Repairing?

Review of CP/PCI Precast Concrete Guide to Infrastructure Projects

Review of Aberdeen Group's Report "How Clean Must Rebar Be?"

Water Based Concrete Form Release

Precast Concrete Panel Construction Best Practices Video - Illustrating release agent application

Precast Concrete Advancements - Pavement - Technology

Form Oil and Rebar - More on the controversy

Precast box culvert concrete release agent application

Do I need to remove concrete form oil from rebar?

Hollowcore Precast Concrete Video Showing Form Release Application

Concrete Form Seasoning and Material Selection

Readily & Inherently Biodegradable Concrete Form Release Agents

New Precast Concrete Technology at Missouri Schools & Universities

Precast Preparation, Concrete Form Release Application, Pour & Set

Keeping Up With Precast Concrete Codes and Standards

Stone Wall Fence Precast Concrete Form Release Application

Precast Concrete Form Oil Application

Concrete Terms Glossary

Care and Seasoning of Precast Concrete Metal Forms and Rings

Construction Forming System Precast Concrete Release Agent Application

Grifcote® Premium Concrete Dissolver

Application of Precast Concrete Form Oil

Self-Consolidating Offers Concrete Bug Hole Solution

Form Seasoning Concrete Release Agent

Proper Application of Precast Concrete Form Release Agents

Choosing wrong release agent creates concrete bug holes

Hill and Griffith Pump Up Sprayer

Hill and Griffith Precast Show 2017

New Zealand Precast Concrete Release Agent Application Example

Concrete Form Release for Wood

NSF Potable Water Concrete Form Release

NSF Concrete Form Release Approved for Potable Water

Cleveland Rocks with Grifcote FR 50 Concrete Form Release

The 2017 Precast Show Plant Tour Locations - March 2 - Pick One

What is precast concrete form release agent chemistry?

Review: "Guide for Surface Finish of Formed Concrete"

NPCA QC Manual: What’s New? Not much for concrete form release agents!

"Selecting and Using Concrete Form Release Agents," article review

GRIFCOTE® Bio Gold Concrete Form Release is Biodegradable

Safety Data Sheet Regulations for Concrete Form Releases

Superplasticizer and Concrete Form Release Agents Interactions

Precast Concrete Double-Tee Beam - Concrete Release Agent Application

Don't Jump to Any Rash Conclusions - Precast Concrete Safety

Precast Wall Concrete Form Release Application Video

"Precast 101," illustrating concrete form release agent application

Care of Forms and Use of Concrete Form Release Agents

How Can I Eliminate Surface Concrete Casting Voids?

Concrete Pipe - Its History and Production.

Technical Bulletin Review: "Choosing a Concrete Form Release Agent," by the Aberdeen Group

Review, NPCA "Precast Concrete On-Site Wastewater Tank Best Practices Manual"

Technical Bulletin Review: "Form Oil/Release Agents," by Olympic Panel Products

Technical Bulletin Review: "Form Release Agents," by the Aberdeen Group

North American Precast Concrete Environmental Product Declarations

Coming Untied - New Precast Concrete Railroad Tie System

Care and Seasoning of Concrete Precast Metal Forms and Rings

5 Options for Concrete Form Release Dip Tank Maintenance

Optimism abounds at The Precast Show 2016

Skin Related Issues in the Precast Concrete Industry

Concrete Form Release Agent - Cool Link of the Month

Proper Application of Release Agents

How Safe (and Legal) is Your Concrete Form Release Agent?

Concrete Bug Hole Prevention

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