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Large Metal Foundry and Die CastingLook no further than The Hill and Griffith Company’s green sand foundry supplies to help achieve the EPA’s M.A.C.T. standards and reduce Benzene emissions. Our variety of environmentally sound release agents, coatings, partings, lubricants, glues and specialty products will meet your metal casting’s demanding needs.

Hill and Griffith has created a family of green sand products including core glues that are all designed with an eye toward the future. Technological advancements, mineral resources and environmental concerns are constantly being researched and considered in the process of offering products that will help the foundries of the future survive and prosper. 

Hill-and-Griffith-AquaPartAquaPart® II Pattern Release Agent

A foundry can lower emissions and meet environmental regulations by reducing the petroleum content in liquid partings and the amount of parting consumed. Developed in 1980, AquaPart® II is the first water-based parting agent to be widely accepted in the foundry industry. In addition, soon we will be introducing technologically advanced release agents capable of meeting continuously changing regulations and some high performance and environmentally friendly cold box release agents.

To learn how your processes can achieve EPA M.A.C.T. standards, go to our Metal Casting Engineering Reference Guide

Green Hornet™ Core Sand Adhesive

Because Green Hornet is water based, it does not give off any solvent fumes that require monitoring, collection or environmental concerns when passed through drying ovens. It has a sodium silicate base and has been recognized for its excellent adhesive properties.

Mold Seal™ - Liquid Mold Sealant

Mold Seal is a water-based material that doesn’t contain high levels of organic solvents that would be potentially harmful to the foundry’s goal of reduced emissions. It can be extruded from either a container or through the use of a mechanical device.

SlikeaseSlikease® - Green Sand Release Agents

Use Slikease® (patent pending) for a biodegradable alternative. It is 100% non-petroleum and formulated with raw materials obtained from "renewable" resources. Slikease® 50 (patent pending) contains a proportion of materials that are from "renewable" resources. This biodegradable product is formulated with blended oils that result in a lower viscosity.

To learn how your processes can achieve EPA M.A.C.T. standards, go to our Metal Casting Engineering Reference Guide

Core And Mold Coatings

Refractory coatings provide molds and cores with an impervious barrier between the sand surface and the molten metal. This ensures excellent sand peel from casting with improved casting finish.

Mudding Compounds

Hill and Griffith offers many types. Compounds can be easily worked into core joints and smoothed without special tools or techniques, reducing grinding and cleaning of finished castings.

Red Chief™ Core Paste

A water-based adhesive with a rapid drying characteristic when applied to warm cores or dried in a convent.

Release Agents And Partings

A complete line of release agents and partings include green sand liquid partings like Super Slik for high pressure molding, and Y-250 Liquid Parting which is specifically produced for patterns difficult to draw. To overcome environmental and health factors where non-liquid releases are needed, Avon Dry Parting is available. A complete line of COBRA (Cold Box Release Agents) is stocked. For no bake applications, Air Set Release is unmatched.

Shurstik™ 306 Core Adhesive

A solvent-based product designed to meet the increasing demands for higher production rates and efficiency. The product exhibits excellent strength with short periods of set time.

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