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Hydraulic Circulating Oils

Hill and Griffith's PREMIER R&O Hydraulic Circulating Oils were specifically designed for all but the most severe high pressure applications, where high oxidation resistance and a maximum amount of water separation is necessitated.

The PREMIER R&O series is formulated with the highest quality base stocks and incorporates both rust and oxidation inhibitors as well as a metal passivator and defoamant additive. These products are ideally suited in circulating systems such as steam turbines and air compressors where maximum demulsibility of water from the oil is required. They do not contain anti-wear additives based on their application.

Product Name: PREMIER R&O 32 PREMIER R&O 46 PREMIER R&O 68
ASTM Grade 150 215 315
Cincinnati Milacron Spec P-38 P-55 P-54
Military Spec Equivalent MIL-H 46001 A MIL-H 46001 A MIL-H 46001 A
API Gravity 31.2 29.8 29.4
Viscosity, SUS @ 100F 162 227 340
Viscosity, SUS @ 210F 44 48 55
Viscosity, cSt @ 40C 31.8 44.4 66.2
Viscosity, cSt @ 100C 5.3 6.5 8.4
Viscosity Index, minimum 95 95 95
Pour Point, degrees F -20 -20 -15
Flash Point, COC-F 400 415 430
Oxidation Stability- >3500 Hours >3500 Hours >3500 Hours

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