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Hill and Griffith Company at the 2017 Metalcasting Congress Show

Posted by Hill and Griffith Company on Wed, May 03, 2017 @ 10:01 AM

It was a very successful 2017 Metalcasting Congress show according to the traffic at our booth and many of the attendees.

Joe Murphy, sales representative for MODERN CASTING Magazine said, "It was good seeing you at Metalcasting Congress. Having personally visited over 70 exhibitors, by nearly all accounts it was a terrific, upbeat, positive and very productive show for many. (As I shared with you, one supplier has now gone to a second shift and moved to a larger facility to keep up with the demand of "more back orders than they've ever had in the company's history." This is a direct verbatim quote.)

2017 Foundry Show HG booth.jpg

Shown in the photo are left to right: Barry Morgan, Tom Dempsy and John Shindler.

Besides the technical papers delivered, the highlight of the show was the display of the Casting of the Year and other winners.

2017 Metalcasting Congress Casting of the Year 1.jpg

2017 Metalcasting Congress Casting of the Year 2.jpg
2017 Metalcasting Congress Casting of the Year 3.jpg

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