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Increase Productivity and Profitability by Understanding Thermal Control

Posted by Hill and Griffith Company on Wed, Dec 09, 2015 @ 12:00 PM

(Reposted from the North American Die Casters Association Newsletter, thanks!)


The die casting process requires efficient heat removal from the solidifying metal. Faster heat removal means shorter cycle time thus higher productivity and profitability. Ideally, heat should be removed primarily by internal cooling lines.  However, spraying is widely practiced in die casting as a complementary method of removing heat.  This two part webinar will review the heat transfer mechanisms of for these cooling methods, and the respective design principles used in die casting. The impact of the cooling method on die life and casting quality will also be discussed.    

Part 2 - Thermal Control in Die Casting:Spraying - Spraying is widely used to complement removal of heat by cooling lines.  While an important factor in thermal control, it also plays a role in casting release and preventing soldering.  This webinar will review the heat transfer mechanism and principles of spray cooling.  It will discuss briefly other roles of spraying and how it affects the process and part integrity.
Date: December 9, 2015 
Each individual webinar is $69 for Corporate Members, $99 for Individual Members or $119 for Non-Corporate Members. To register for multiple webinars simply add all webinars you would like to purchase to your cart then check out! All webinars begin at 12:00PM CST.
Please note that registering for a webinar grants you access to the live broadcast on the given date. No recordings or pdfs of the presentation will be issued.

If you are interested in obtaining access to the recording or materials covered during this webinar please check the NADCA Marketplace one week after the live webinar to purchase access to the course through NADCA's Online Education System. 
Reduce Die Soldering in Die Casting – December 16, 2015

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