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ACI Releases New Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete

Posted by Hill and Griffith Company on Sep 12, 2019 4:58:19 PM

ACI 318-19 was published in response to new engineering practices and industry changes.

Article excerpt by Jack Moehle published in the Concrete Contractor August/September 2019 issue.

The American Concrete Institute (ACI) published ACI 318-19: “Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete in July 2019, in response to new engineering practices and industry changes.

ACI 318 presents requirements for design and construction of structural concrete that are necessary to ensure public health and safety. The document is intended for engineers and building officials, but because it addresses materials advancements and applications, it is expected to have an impact on jobsite procedures. It is anticipated the final code requirements of 318-19 will be referenced in the 2021 International Building Code (IBC).


New Engineering Practices Translate to Changes in the Field

  • ACI was prompted to make updates in the code due to:
    • new technology (computers used for design and analysis by engineers and architects)
    • increased construction of tall buildings
    • the need for seismic resistance
  • New requirements include:
    • minimum reinforcement on interior column-to-slab connections
    • longer bar lengths for thicker, two-way slabs
    • additional transverse reinforcement
  • Updates include
    • expansion of permissible applications of high-strength reinforcement
    • new requirements for material properties of high-strength steels
    • several changes to strut-and-tie method (STM) for design of discontinuity regions
    • clarity on Anchorage-zone reinforcement

New Materials Addressed

  • IBC shotcrete provisions were included
  • Post-installed concrete screw anchors are now recognized

Alternate Cements and Aggregates

  • Now includes provisions for alternate cements and aggregates
  • No details are readily available for these materials because not enough industry testing is available

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