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Readily & Inherently Biodegradable Concrete Form Release Agents

Posted by Hill and Griffith Company on Jun 22, 2017 3:11:13 PM

Hill & Griffith offers the perfect release with Grifcote concrete form release agents that are readily and inherently biodegradable.

Grifcote® products, the most widely used concrete form release agents in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico, offer many unique features to improve concrete separation from forms and molds.

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Forms and molds are not stained by Grifcote products. Gricote is ready to use with no mixing needed. All release agents are easily sprayed, swabbed or wiped. Since worker safety is vital to your operations, we’ve engineered Grifcote products to have low odor and flash points above 200 degrees Fahrenheit to keep workers safe. Grifcote carries a non-flammable/non-combustible rating.

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Grifcote Products are not considered a DOT hazardous material and are exempt from placards. Drivers DO NOT need to be Haz Mat 126 Certified to transport)

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In addition, Grifcote is chemically formulated to reduce the formation of bug holes. Reactive fatty acid/methyl esters react with cement. The metallic soap that is formed eases separation from the form and minimizes sticking. The high viscosity allows Grifcote to be easily spread over large spans. Coverage rates are determined by the person applying the material. In all cases, the “Thinner is better” rule applies for maximum coverage and best release and finish.

Other uses of Grifcote include assisting form and pallet cleanup. Spraying form release agents on mixers and equipment also speeds cleanup at the end of the day. Plus all EPA VOC and OSHA requirements are met by Grifcote products.

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With indefinite freeze/thaw cycles or teeter cycles, you don’t need to worry about Grifcote degrading due to temperature changes. So, you can purchase Grifcote products in 6,000-gallon tanks or as small as 5-gallon pails depending on your needs.

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Grifcote form release agents are designed for specific industry applications. For example, FR-50-VOC/R-VOC are used for precast, pipe, burial vault, prestressed and other similar applications.

While the PR-SS-VOC would work best for Packerhead pipe operations and those really tough release jobs.

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Other specific products were created specifically for use with potable water and for seasoning forms. The LV-50 Plus is NSF (ANSI 61) approved for use with potable water (some restrictions may apply).

And CC-150-VOC is best used to season concrete forms for the best release. 

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Our products have low VOC and are non-carcinogenic according to the ACGIH, NTP, IRAC or OSHA.

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All Grifcote products are readily biodegradable, which means they have a half-life of 28 days or fewer. And by definition, all Grifcote products are inherently biodegradable with a half-life of 60 days or fewer.

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