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Precast Concrete Form Cleaning and Release Application for Potable Water Tanks

Posted by Hill and Griffith Company on Jul 20, 2018 2:52:02 PM

Quality Control for Precast Concrete Form Release for Potable Water


Pre-pour operations

1. Cleaning of Forms

After each use, forms need to be cleaned. Tape, polystyrene, concrete, and other materials sticking to the forms needs to be removed. It is easiest to clean forms immediately after products are stripped. Waiting too long allows the concrete to bond more strongly to the forms.

2. Form Release Agent Application

Form release agent needs to be applied after cleaning the forms and sealing the seams. Don't over-apply form release agent, which may lead to puddling. It is recommended that form release agents be applied in a thin coat. Puddles need to be drained or mopped up before casting.

Items to be embedded in concrete, such as re-bar and other fixtures need to be clean of form release agent. Release agents stop concrete from bonding or sticking to molds. Rebar, inserts and other items, which concrete release agents have been applied may fail to bond to concrete and not be effective in their functions.

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