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Concrete Casting News from the Hill and Griffith Company

Top Ten Concrete Casting Release Agent News Posts

Posted by Hill and Griffith Company on Oct 5, 2017 5:19:32 PM

The following are our top ten Concrete Casting Release Agent News Posts. Enjoy!


#1 GRIFCOTE® FR-50-VOC Concrete Form Release: The Workhorse for the Concrete Industry


#2 Concrete Bug Hole Prevention


#3 New Safety Data Sheet Regulations for Concrete Form Releases


#4 Coming Untied - New Precast Concrete Railroad Tie System


#5 Care of Forms and Use of Concrete Form Release Agents


#6 Skin Related Issues in the Precast Concrete Industry


#7 Choosing wrong release agent creates concrete bug holes


#8 Cleveland Rocks with Grifcote FR 50 Concrete Form Release

Surface Finish of Formed Concrete-1.jpg

#9 Review: "Guide for Surface Finish of Formed Concrete"

concrete form oil-1.jpg

#10 Do I need to remove concrete form oil from rebar?


Concrete in the News:

Lack of Compatibility in Admixtures Could Harm Concrete Durability

This concrete espresso machine is countertop Brutalism

Border agency unveils first pictures of concrete wall prototype



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