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Precast box culvert concrete release agent application

Posted by Alli Myers on Jul 20, 2017 11:47:46 AM

"Release agent is then applied to the form in a thin layer. This helps the concrete release from the metal during product stripping."

From the their YouTube page, "A short video showing how Barger And Sons manufactures our precast concrete box culvert. Barger And Sons disciplined operations yield the same high quality results time after time after time. All Barger Box Culvert is manufactured to meet ASTM C 1433 and 1577 applications. Cooper E80 design specification for rail road applications are also manufacutered. Barger box culvert is offered in a number of different styles because one size does not fit all jobsite requirements. Monolithic, three sided, and crown and base can all be manufactured by Barger And Sons. Published on Aug. 31, 2010."




From their web site, "Welcome to Barger Precast! If this is your first visit to our site, you will find page after page of information designed to enhance your understanding so that you, whether buying, specifying or installing, can make an educated decision about our precast concrete products.


If you don’t find the information that you need, don’t hesitate to give us a call toll free at 888-882-5860. You will find our folks to be friendly, helpful, and eager to assist you in your search for information or in taking your order.


You will also find that no other supplier lives up to the commitment to deliver exactly what you need – where you need it – when you need it. These are just a few of the reasons we like to say that Barger and Sons is number one in more than the number two business.


We have been serving homeowners, contractors, developers, engineers and utilities for more than 50 years, providing the best value solutions for every water, sewer, drainage, piping and many other projects.


During our years of service to East Tennessee, we have discovered that an informed buyer will always select the solution that best meets his/her needs. That’s why our approach is somewhat unique – we focus on informing potential customers of the technical and operational features that are important to their application. Then, we show how our products and services deliver those features and offer the best value to the buyer."


The Hill and Griffith Company also works closely with pipe and form equipment manufactures to provide optimum concrete release agent characteristics with their equipment.

All Grifcote products are readily biodegradable, which means they have a half-life of 28 days or fewer. And by definition, all Grifcote products are inherently biodegradable with a half-life of 60 days or fewer.

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