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What's Your Favorite Concrete Form Release?

Posted by Hill and Griffith Company on Feb 24, 2018 7:03:33 PM

The Precast Show wrapped up today in snowy Denver, Colorado. It was a great show with record breaking attendance and exhibitors. The weather was perfect for the four plant tours. See you next year in Louisville, Kentucky.

We walked the show asking attendees and exhibitors what their favorite concrete form release was? Barrier or Reactive? Oily or Soapy? The answers indicated a lot more education is needed. Here are some Twitter posts from the event.


Most of the form exhibitors answered the question, "What concrete form release do you recommend to your customers?" with "Anything they want." Some silicone forms don't need release but if you want a bughole free surface you're going to want to recommend a reactive release that dramatically reduces the chances of bugholes, "The tiny voids the form on the surface of forms. "







There are two types of release agents available: barrier and reactive.

Barrier release agents, petroleum and/or vegetable oil combinations, prevent adhesion by the development of a physical film or barrier between the forming surface and the concrete.

Reactive release agents work by a reaction between the release agent and the free limes. A soapy film prevents adhesion. There's little residue left on the form, which makes a cleaner process.

Which is your favorite? We'd love to know. 

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