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GRIFCOTE® FR-50-VOC Concrete Form Release: The Workhorse for the Concrete Industry

Posted by Myke Amend on Jan 21, 2016 2:23:05 PM

cast concrete parking tiesGrifcote FR-50-VOC is the workhorse for the concrete industry for many reasons: From its Easy and Safe Application, to its Low Viscosity, Low Odor, and High Flash Point, it is no surprise that this pick from the Grifcote line is one of Hill and Griffith Company's most popular concrete casting products.

  • All Grifcote release agents are easily sprayed, swabbed or wiped.
  • Coverage rates are determined by the person applying the material. The low viscosity of Grifcote allows, in all cases, the "Thinner is better" concept that applies to form release application.
  • Grifcote products have low odor and high flash points above 260 degrees Fahrenheit to keep workers safe.
  • Grifcote carries a non-flammable noncombustible rating and is considered DOT hazardous material exempt. Drivers DO NOT need to be Haz Mat 126 Certified or use placards on their equipment.


The Hill and Griffith Company is known for our hands-on approach. Let us visit your plant and recommend products that suit your needs.


Concrete in the News:

Centralized Spray Systems for the Precaster

- by Bob Waterloo, Manufactured Concrete, Mar/Apr 2004

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Sulfur Concrete: A New Construction Material from Simulated Martian Soil and Molten Sulfur

- Lin Wan, Roman Wendner, Gianluca Cusatis, 17 Dec 2015

The paper on this new product can be found in the Cornell University Library here:



Construction to Replace Asphalt with Concrete

- KCBY News, January 2016

"Where regular asphalt pavement lasts ten to fifteen years, concrete can last up to fifty years," says Oregon Dept. of Transportation spokesman Dan Latham. "So in the long term there's a big price savings."



Polymers Render Self-Compacting Concrete Fire-Resistant:

- RETO ZANETTIN, Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology, Dec 22, 2015

"Self-compacting high-performance concrete (SCHPC) has till now suffered from one weakness – when exposed to fire it flakes and splits, which reduces its loadbearing capacity. Empa scientists have now developed a method of manufacturing fire-resistant self-compacting high-performance concrete which maintains its mechanical integrity under these conditions."

Read more here: www.empa.ch/web/s604/fire-resistant-concrete

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