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NPCA extends product-specific certification to water, wastewater tanks

Posted by Hill and Griffith Company on Oct 18, 2018 12:42:09 PM

The National Precast Concrete Association takes quality control and validation to the next level with a new product-focused certification for water and wastewater tanks.

NPCA Certified Water Tank

Water or wastewater tanks fabricated by Listed Product participants will soon have an additional quality assurance marking to accompany NPCA Certified Plant. Photo and article from Sept. 2018 Concrete Products Magazine.

While its Plant Certification program has traditionally centered on precast concrete production processes candidate operations must abide, the just-launched Optional Product Listing for Water and Wastewater Tanks Program describes specific product models, plus design and performance criteria to obtain certification. Like other association programs, the new offering enlists independent third-party engineering firms accredited to ISO/IEC 17020:2012 for Plant Inspection.

All NPCA Certified Plants can participate in the water and wastewater tank program by completing a detailed submittal package for the model(s) they wish to list. The submittal includes plant information; product description indicating tank capacity and model number; complete set of drawings; plus, reinforcing details and structural calculations. Documents must bear structural or professional engineer stamp. Once the submittal is approved, the plant undergoes an unannounced inspection that includes a watertightness test on a tank chosen at random. The plant will be granted a product listing based on successful test completion. Listed products will appear on the NPCA site, www.precast.org, below the producer name, and with plant product schedule.

Just as Plant Certification enables quality-conscious agencies, engineers and specifiers to identify and select premier precast concrete producers, NPCA notes, the Product Listing Program takes certification one step farther to include specific water or wastewater tank models. Plants displaying the NPCA Certified Plant and NPCA Listed Product markings on their tanks underscore processes complying with industry, design and performance standards. The certification and listing programs reflect NPCA’s commitment to assisting members with maintaining excellence in precast production and operations. By setting one standard of quality, they level the playing field for all producers pursuing market segments or individual contracts.

Additional information on Plant Certification and Listed Products can be obtained from NPCA Director of Certification and Regulator Services Richard Kolewski, 800/366-7731. 

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