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Building the Future, Precast Concrete Careers

Posted by Hill and Griffith Company on Oct 15, 2017 2:35:58 PM

From the NPCA, "For more than two decades, the National Precast Concrete Association Foundation has provided educational scholarships to undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in civil engineering, architectural and construction-related curricula, for Precast Concrete Careers.

Our Foundation’s mission is to support the growth and enhance the development of the precast concrete industry by providing opportunities using educational initiatives and incentives. Download the Foundation’s scholarship poster to learn more or to spread the word about the program.

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Transcript of the video:

Kirby: Precast concrete is a very unique product. Concrete is the most used material in the world.

Moffette: Precast is characterized by a company that pours concrete in a controlled environment.

Mimi: The world is full of precast concrete. Everywhere that you look.

Mark: Whether it's municipal, commercial, residential, agricultural, the funeral industry, the military market, it's just amazing the things that are going on.


Mimi: It's everywhere around us and it certainly is a very important product.

Jim: Precast Concrete is an amazing industry in that first of all we're working with a very unique material, a material that lasts for centuries.

Aaron: The industry in itself is endless. I mean there are so many new products that are coming out.

Joan: It is an industry that is strong with relationships that offers excellent opportunities.


Randy: I think one of the really unique things about the precast concrete industry is the community of precasters that exist throughout North America.

Barry:The type of individual that we look for is someone who has a desire to not only achieve but wants to work and be able to produce.

Greg: So we're very proud that as an industry, we've taken it upon ourselves to provide learning opportunities to really get the deeper learning that is required to really excel at this thing called precast concrete manufacturing.


Dan: One of the neat things about the foundation is it supplies scholarships to people who may want to do something that has an impact on our industry.

Jim: If you want to be involved in something that will live throughout your lifetime and have a piece of that I think the industry's definitely for you.

Mark: There's always going to be a need and in that respect I think the future is extremely bright.

Tie that into the fact that this is one of most diverse industries in the world and you have something that's just absolutely limitless. You can go anywhere with it.


Joan: You don't get up and do the same job everyday. I never had two identical days in almost 30 years in the industry and that's part of the fun.

Greg: I am very proud when I play a role in something that I can drive by and say, "You know, I had something to do with building that." And I know being made out of precast concrete, 100 years from now, it's likely still to be there.

Ty: That is a lasting legacy that not anybody in just any industry can do. I mean you're making a difference in the lives of people in the world when you work in concrete.

Speaker 13: For those interested in career opportunities as well as scholarships, please visit the National Precast Concrete Associations Educational Foundation web site.


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