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Poundfield Precast Concrete Products Video Review

Posted by Hill and Griffith Company on Sep 21, 2018 9:18:09 PM

Poundfield Products Limited is a precast concrete manufacturer situated in the heart of Suffolk, England.

Founded in 1999 by Mark Jardine, whose experience is working firstly on the family farm, and later in a compost and recycling business led to the design of the industry leading Alphabloc, an innovative precast concrete retaining walling system that was quite simply quicker, and easier to install than any competing products.


Soon after, a complimentary range of prestressed panels was introduced, primarily for the agricultural market. Used in combination with the Alphabloc, it provides a wide offer for grain storage and division. As the applications of the concrete products increased, as did the market for which the products appealed. Seeing growth in waste management, construction, ports and shipping.


Today our product innovations, and wide breath of experience in providing pre-cast solutions benefits the demands across a variety of industries. As well as the Alphabloc, our product range includes the L-Bloc, prestressed panels, Shuttabloc, Taperbloc XL, Betaloc XL, Block and Beam Flooring, culverts and many other Bespoke Concrete cast products. All our products have the option of specialist finishes, from a simple, exposed aggregate right through to complex impressions designed to naturally blend in with its surroundings.


Inline, heated production area, makes production possible throughout the year, whatever the weather, producing up to 200 cubic meters per day. We offer bespoke molds ranging from simple one off cost in timber, using the most up to date plywood produced by our own highly experienced team of carpenters.


Through to fully engineered steel molds, that are capable of producing an unlimited number of repeat casts. We work closely with industry experts in supplying admixtures in mix designs. This allows us to produce concrete, that is tested by means of slump or flow testing to exacting standards.


This process also allows us to produce a consistent mix, which in turn produces a matching standard of color in our units. Poundfield Manufacturing site is strategically located in Suffolk, with easy links to major trunk roads. But our products are also produced under license throughout the world, ensuring that we can get your product to you when you wanted it.

Poundfield Concrete Products, retaining walls specialists leading the way in product innovation.

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