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Review of Precast Concrete Form Maintenance Article in PRECAST INC Magazine

Posted by Hill and Griffith Company on Jun 1, 2018 12:57:27 PM

Besides Bob Waterloo's Featured article, "How To Lose a Customer in 10+ Easy Ways," the recent issue of PRECAST INC has some great tips from industry professionals about precast concrete form maintenance. Here are some highlights from the artcle.

Form manufacturers and precasters were asked several questions related to form maintenance and form safety. Below are the questions and answers from the responders. 


What steps should precasters be taking to keep their formwork in good working condition? 

"Using a quality form release and cleaning forms with every use will keep the
face of the forms clean for many years. The other best practice to increase the life of your equipment is to avoid hammering on them as much as possible - abstinence is the best policy here!" - Jim Aylward, Western Forms

"Keep forms clean, since build up can change the center of gravity on pieces and parts. Keep forms oiled for easier stripping." - Blythe Coons, Spillman Company


Any tips or best practices you would like to share with precasters to help increase the lifespan of their formwork and to ensure safety? 

"Biggest tips on increasing the life of aluminum formwork: 
1. Invest in quality.
2. Use quality form release
(reactive release designed for aluminum forms) to keep the forms clean.
3. Train employees to treat the equipment with care.
4. Use proper tools associated with the formwork.
5. Reach out to manufacturers for questions and concerns."
- Jim Aylward, Western Forms

"Don't try to save money on form oil. Figure out what works best for you and keep it. Don't allow employees to use hammers to clean forms. Grease all grease fittings regularly. Take time to clean the inside of the forms." - Mike Vergona, Garden State Precast

To read the entire article go here. "Be Formal About Your Form Safety."

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