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Stone Wall Fence Precast Concrete Form Release Application

Posted by Hill and Griffith Company on May 25, 2017 4:18:41 PM

Precast concrete mold and form systems produce seamless, double-sided, beautiful, commercial-grade walls with the look of real stone. Photo shows precast concrete form release application.

Precast Concrete Form Release 2.jpg 

Precast Concrete Form Release 3.jpg

Precast Concrete Form Release 4.jpg

Precast Concrete Form Release 1.jpg

The photos and video this week are provided by Verti-crete. From their site, "Verti-Crete is the leading producer of vertically poured precast concrete wall and form systems. We're pleased to offer—and help our licensed providers create—beautifully patterned decorative concrete walls for both commercial and residential applications. Click here to learn more about our company, or find a producer near you who manufactures and sells Verti-Crete precast products."

Grifcote FR-50-VOC Concrete Form Release is the workhorse for the concrete industry.

Easy and Safe Application

  • All Grifcote release agents are easily sprayed, swabbed or wiped.

  • Coverage rates are determined by the person applying the material. The low viscosity of Grifcote allows, in all cases, the "Thinner is better" concept that applies to form release application.

  • Grifcote products have low odor and high flash points above 260 degrees Fahrenheit to keep workers safe.

  • Grifcote carries a non-flammable noncombustible rating and is considered DOT hazardous material exempt. Drivers DO NOT need to be Haz Mat 126 Certified or use placards on their equipment.

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