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Review of CP/PCI Precast Concrete Guide to Infrastructure Projects

Posted by Hill and Griffith Company on Aug 29, 2017 3:09:11 PM

Canadian Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute Technical Publications

"When we think of infrastructure we think not only of built infrastructure such as roads, but also bridges, drinking water, wastewater and storm water systems, and social infrastructure such as schools, hospitals and libraries.
It is well understood that the country’s infrastructure is aging. Much of the highway and water and sewer systems was built in the 1950s and 1960s, arriving at an important stage of their service lives. Depending on materials used, some have already failed or are in great need of rehabilitation or replacement. Traffic demand has grown tremendously without a corresponding increase in highway capacity, resulting in an increasingly high level of congestion. Large building construction projects simply compound traffic problems during lengthy construction periods. The traveling public demands high quality, longer-lasting highways, bridges and structures but they want any construction related activity completed quickly and economically. In order to address this problem, public and private authorities need to adopt a new philosophy of “Get in Get out – Stay out.”
Regulatory authorities are realizing that high quality precast concrete components, from certified precast facilities, can be used to minimize interference to the public during construction projects. The use of precast concrete components for many new or replacement bridge and/or water and sewer projects, have demonstrated significant reductions in construction time, reduced impacts on traffic flow and the environment, as well as long life performance.
About CPCI

CPCI (manufacturing) members number 41, with 58 plants throughout Canada with over 350,000sq. m of plant space available for producing the precast concrete you require for your project. The inherent benefits of precast prestressed concrete make it the best choice for many projects. Structural strength provides long clear spans. Fast production, delivery and erection saves time and money. The creative dimensions of shape, texture, colour and pattern produce attractive buildings. Durability means unsurpassed low maintenance and life-time cost effectiveness."

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Technical Publications page


Precast Concrete Guide "Infrastructure For Life" Table of Contents 

Structural & Architectural Precast Prestressed Concrete

Infrastructure Distress Precast Concrete

Corrosion Protection Precast Concrete

Concrete Materials & Design Standards

Precast Concrete – An Intelligent Material for Resilient Infrastructure Construction

Structural & Architectural Precast Concrete Systems

Parking Garage Precast Concrete.jpg
Parking Garages Precast Concrete

Stadium Precast Concrete.jpg
Stadiums & Arenas Precast Concrete

Railway Staion Precast Concrete.jpg
Railway, Light Rail and Transit Structures/Facilities Precast Concrete 

Pricavy Fence Precast Concrete.jpg
Privacy & Protection Precast Concrete

Utility Precast Concrete.jpg
Utilities Precast Concrete

Freight Handling/Storage Buildings/Industrial Buildings and Structures Precast Concrete

Docks & Wharfs Precast Concrete

Land Piles Precast Concrete

Prisons Precast Concrete

Water & Sewage Treatment Plants & Tanks Precast Concrete

Mining, Oil & Gas Sector Precast Concrete

Tunnel Liner Segments Precast Concrete

Special Applications & New Products Precast Concrete

Vehicle & Pedestrian Bridges Precast Concrete

CPCI Resources

CPCI Certification

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 Bulletins and Technical Papers for Concrete Casting Products

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