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Water Based Concrete Form Release

Posted by Hill and Griffith Company on Aug 17, 2017 2:15:01 PM

Grifcote® water based concrete form release agent product lines, are non-petroleum, readily and inherently biodegradable.

Readily biodegradable concrete form release agents that are VOC-compliant and NSF-certified. Grifcote concrete casting products include the most widely used concrete form release agents in the United States, Canada and in Puerto Rico, and are commonly used on precast, prestressed and poured-in-place applications among others.



Grifcote FR-50-VOC is the workhorse for the concrete industry.


Grifcote PR-SS-VOC is specifically designed for Packerhead pipe operations and those really tough release jobs. Give us your toughest release challenge and we’ll recommend an economical solution.


Grifcote CC-150-VOC is widely used to season forms for optimal concrete release. Spraying form release agents on mixers and equipment reduces labor and cleanup at the end of the day eliminating concrete adhering to the equipment.


Grifcote LV-50 Plus was created specifically for use with castings that would be exposed to potable water. The material is NSF (ANSI 61) approved for use with potable water and some restrictions do apply in specific applications.


Grifcote Bio Gold is a non-petroleum, non-staining concrete form release that is both VOC compliant and biodegradable.


Grifcote CON 1.1 VOC is a concrete form release specifically designed for the construction/poured in place industry. It is a proprietary blend of organic materials that promotes clean and easy separation from all types of forms while deterring build-up and sticking.

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