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Video Tour of Mammut Technocrete Precast Concrete Manufacturing Plant, Dubai

Posted by Hill and Griffith Company on Oct 4, 2018 9:32:07 PM

Building is a technique just as much as it is an art. Brick by brick, panel by panel, column by column, a building takes shape. While constructing beautiful buildings, great cities are created.

World's largest precast concrete plant - 14

Revolutionizing the construction industry in the Middle East region is Mammut Technocrete. Mammut Technocrete was established at Dubai TechnoPark in early 2005.

The world's largest manufacturer of precast concrete panels. The first company in the world to combine innovative construction technology from Canada with German high-tech production equipment.

World's largest precast concrete plant - 15

Mammut Technocrete became the world's largest and most advanced precast concrete production facility in an incredibly short span of time. Defining the success of Mammut Technocrete is a strategic combination of strengths. Excellent production facilities, unmatched product quality, diversity of products, unsurpassed service, consistent availability, and the support of a satisfied clientele.

World's largest precast concrete plant - 9

For Mammut Technocrete, every business opportunity begins with a thorough understanding of a client's needs.

World's largest precast concrete plant - 1

Working closely with clients, consultants and contractors, the Mammut team offers technical guidance on the types of products required for each project. With technologically enabled manufacturing capabilities, Mammut Technocrete is able to offer a full spectrum of concrete products for any construction requirement.

World's largest precast concrete plant - 3

Equally important is the fact that the Mammut product range has earned global renown. An annual production capacity of 2,500,000 square meters, in addition to customized precast panels, enables uninterrupted supply to help complete clients' projects on time.

World's largest precast concrete plant - 11

The high-tech automatic plant has four production lines, where every activity is carried out by fully automated machines or robots, right from mixing concrete to transportation and storage. The highly reputed 65 millimeter Mammut Plank is manufactured at the semi-automatic plant. Used as roof or floor slabs, or as formwork, Mammut Plank is particularly useful in fast-paced construction projects.

World's largest precast concrete plant - 12

From wall panels with greater or architectural openings to staircases, columns, beams, landings, and footings, the special plant at Mammut Technocrete produces a variety of special elements. Each product here is made to order.

World's largest precast concrete plant - 8

Mammut Technocrete's operations are backed by several highly acclaimed characteristics that have revolutionized the construction business. A large of variety of aesthetic, cost-effective and durable products, standard sizes and custom made panels, the most advanced cutting-edge technology, dedicated product teams, stringent quality control, and constant research and development for better products and procedures.

World's largest precast concrete plant - 10

With all these and more, Mammut Technocrete has made an impressive mark on the real estate development scenario in the region, ensuring architects more freedom in their designs, contractors lesser project turnaround time, developers faster return on investment, building owners with structures that are safer and require less maintenance, and residents' peace of mind with homes that are more resistant to sound, fires and earthquakes.

World's largest precast concrete plant - 13

True to its name, Mammut Technocrete has built up a strong reputation with technology that is truly ahead of its time, to revolutionize the building of a country that thinks ahead of time.

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