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2016 Die Casting Award Competition Winners

Posted by Hill and Griffith Company on Oct 19, 2016 5:37:19 PM

We exhibited at the Die Casting Congress and Tabletop event in Columbus on September 26 and photographed the display of die casting award winners. Congratulations!

From the North American Die Casting Association site.

PURPOSE: Promote increased use of die castings by recognizing and publicizing outstanding designs.

ELIGIBILITY: Entries will be judged in several categories of: Aluminum, Zinc and Magnesium die casting. In addition, we will be accepting castings from other alloy families as well! Both custom and captive casters are eligible.

AWARDS: One winning casting will be awarded per category. An award will be presented to the casting supplier and the customer.

JUDGING: There are four equally weighed criteria: ingenuity of casting/product design; overall quality; cost savings & contribution to expanding the market for castings. A panel of independent judges, acknowledged experts, with no ties to eligible casters, will choose the winners. The judges’ decisions are final.

Zinc Die Casting Over 6 oz
Bruschi s.p.a, Via Mendosio, 26, Abbiategrasso, Milan, Italy

Caster Award Nominees - Erminio Fuse
Customer - ARCA Technologies
Function of Part
Frame for PCB and scanner installed in a "Teller Cash Recycler."
Previous Process to Produce Part
Several stainless steel parts welded, assembled with screws, welded and machined.
Advantages Gained
Zinc die casting has eliminated the assembly of the steel frames, now only 2 die cast parts. parts are now cast to near finished condition, removing CNC machining operations (only need tapping ater shot blasting). Increased stiffness of the part provides improved performance of the scanner. Overall cost reduction of 40%.
Part - Mobile Frame
Material - Zamak 5
Weight - 10.25 oz
End Market - Office Equipment

Magnesium Die Casting Under .5 lbs
Chicago White Metal Casting, Inc., 649 N Route 83, Bensenville, IL 

Caster Award Nominees - Neil Brown
Customer - Stenograph
Function of Part
Screen Frame protects and houses the flip top LCD screen.
Previous Process to Produce Part
Converted from plastic injection molding to magnesium die casting to remain relativity lightweight while creating a more "expensive feel."
Advantages Gained
Low mass, excellent finish, great alternative to plastic provides a more "expensive feel". The stenotype writer is meant to be a compact, lightweight shorthand typewriter, so having a reduced mass allows to easy portability.
Part - Screen Frame
Material - AZ91D
Weight - .29 lbs
End Market - Office Equipment

Magnesium Die Casting Over .5 lbs
Wanfeng-Meridian, 25 MacNab Ave., Strathroy, Ontario, Canada

Caster Award Nominees - Jon Weiler
Customer - Fiat Chrysler Automobiles
Function of Part
Casting is the integral part of a 4-piece assembly with aluminum sheet outer panels & stamping wiper bracket.
Previous Process to Produce Part
The magnesium casting replaces seven steel stampings and two plastic pieces that were welded and/or joined together including steel reinforcements in the hinge and latch areas.
Advantages Gained
Liftgate inner casting is a 40% mass reduction from combined weight of previous steel stamping & reinforcements. The die casting has an added benefit of reducing the number of parts in the assembly (replacing 7 stampings and 2 plastic pieces with 1 casting) and joining technologies required (reduced from 84 to 10).
Part - Inner Liftgate
Material - AM60B
Weight - 15.2 lbs
End Market - Automotive

Productivity Award
Briggs & Stratton, 110 Main St., Murray, KY

Caster Award Nominees - Eric Hendrixson, Jerry Montgomery, Chris Black, Chad Gartzke, John Schneiker, Mike Schultz, Gary Greenlees, & Davis Tool
Customer - N/A
Function of Part
Overhead valve head containing intake port exhaust port, spark plug, combustion chamber, rocker bosses, valve guides & cooling fins in a small engine.
Previous Process to Produce Part
OHV heads are usually single cavity dies with slide pulls required from all directions to create the casting.
Advantages Gained
New design that only requires slides from 2 opposite sides. The "rocker box" was redesigned as a stamping to allow fewer pull directions to increase productivity in the die cast cell. Has special "as cast" requirements to provide exhaust mounting that requires no gasket or machining. Cooling fins designed to shed debris.
Part - W16 Overhead Valve Head
Material - 384
Weight - 1.8 lbs
End Market - Lawn & Garden Equipment

Aluminum Die Casting Under 1 lb
Port City Group - A Division of Pace Industries

Caster Award Nominees - Matt Brown
Customer - Magna Mirrors
Function of Part
Houses mirror components and attaches to vehicle.
Previous Process to Produce Part
New design.
Advantages Gained
Cast design modified to produce finished part as cast on machine. Produced with a 4 cavity die that has slide in each cavity. Eliminated a machining operation by designing the die to pull 3 holes out of draw.
Part - Side Mirror Inner Base
Material - 380
Weight - .394 lbs
End Market - Automotive

Aluminum Die Casting  1-5 lbs
Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) Canada, 15 Browns Line, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Caster Award Nominees - ECP Resident Engineering
Customer - Fiat Chrysler Automobiles
Function of Part
Part of an automotive transmission torque converter that acts to reverse the direction of fluid flow as it returns to the turbine, improving the torque converters efficiency and performance.
Previous Process to Produce Part
Previously made from aluminum or magnesium die castings that had fewer, thicker blades and larger openings between the blades.
Advantages Gained
Increases number of blades, along with the profile and spacing between the blades improves the performance. This allows the stator to run more efficiently, with less noise, improving the overall quality of the vehicle.
Part - 9-Speed FWD V6 Torque Converter Stator
Material - A380
Weight - 1.0024 lbs
End Market - Automotive

Aluminum Die Casting  5-10 lbs
Pace Industries - Saltillo Division, Blvd. Vito A. Robles #2451, Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico

Caster Award Nominees - Alfonso Carrillo
Customer - CREE
Function of Part
Heat dissipator for LED based High Bay lighting fixture
Previous Process to Produce Part
New design.
Advantages Gained
Eliminate welding of sheet metal components and ensure the heat conductivity with all the 126 fins.
Part - High Bay LED Heatsink
Material - A383
Weight - 5.91 lbs
End Market - Light Fixturing

Thin Wall Aluminum Die Casting  Over 10 lbs
Georg Fischer Druckguss Gmbh, Wiener Str. 41-43, Herzogenburg, Austria

Caster Award Nominees - Franziska Benedetter
Customer - Mercedes-Benz Technology Center, Daimler AG
Function of Part
Rear door frame for Mercedes C-Class T-Model.
Previous Process to Produce Part
Previously a 9 piece assembly of stamped steel.
Advantages Gained
Replaced a 9 piece assembly of stamped steel with a single aluminum die casting. Solving the challenging size and compliance of accuracy allowed for a 8.8 lb reduction in weight and elimination of assembly and joining operations. Switching to die casting allowed for an optimized vehicle package (loading gate, viewing angle) by having small radii and draft angles.
Part - Rear Door Frame
Material - AISi9MnMg
Weight - 11.5 lbs
End Market - Automotive

Aluminum Die Casting  Over 10 lbs
Microcast Technologies, 1611 W. Elizabeth Ave., Linden, NJ

Caster Award Nominees - Edward Wasowski
Customer - Dialight Corp
Function of Part
Provide heat sinking for the LED modules while sealing unit from dust and water.
Previous Process to Produce Part
16 units mounted to a central hub with indiviual parts to make up the frame, mounts and heat sinks. Sub assemblies mounted to central structure with hardware.
Advantages Gained
Provides 60,000 lumens with heat sinking allowing LEDs to operate at low temperatures, extending product life. Combining previous components into a single casting allowed the assembly to be certified for indoor and outdoor use. Minimized weight while maintaining structural integrity, reduced secondary machining. Tool was designed using center shot with mid die chopper and coated core pins.
Part - 60K LED Housing
Material - 360 Low Copper
Weight - 24.6 lbs
End Market - Light Fixturing

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