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+GF+ Linmar Automotive Die Casting Facility Opens in North Carolina

Posted by Hill and Griffith Company on Mar 2, 2018 3:00:35 PM

GF Automotive and Linamar announced their joint venture named GF Linamar LLC in mid-July 2015 to combine leading expertise in die casting and machining. 

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The new plant will be located on a 57-acres site at the Ferncliff Industrial Park in Mills River. It will produce light metal components for the North American market, starting with body and structure parts for a European car manufacturer. The initial investment amounts to approx. USD 100 million. Start of operations is planned for mid-2017. Learn more.

 “We appreciate very much the warm welcome and the support from the state of North Carolina and the Henderson County authorities”, comments Yves Serra, CEO of GF. “The location is ideal for us and we look forward to a prosperous future for our joint venture in the US”.

“We are very pleased to announce that we have selected Henderson County, North Carolina, as the site of the GF Linamar LLC plant,” stated Linda Hasenfratz, CEO of Linamar. “This will be our fourth plant in North Carolina, an area where we have thrived thanks to a fantastic workforce and a great business environment. It is rapidly becoming an important hub for us to serve our customers in the southern US and North America overall.”

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"What we see today is a building and a facility for the future.

The construction that took place here, the heads, the hearts, and the hands that went into this project from George Fischer and Linamar, as a joint venture has been really incredible. And, I think this is a transformational setting for our customers. And technology wise, you can't beat it in the world today. So I think that's really been the basis of the plan and the growth.

What you see here is a new kind of manufacturing, in which we are doing something for the next century. We are thinking long term.

Today sets an important milestone, and a new chapter for both our companies.

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We're so proud of the team that has put this facility together. It's been a lot of work, and lots of challenges, but it looks incredible, and they've done an amazing job of finding new business for this plant, we're almost full already. So we're already thinking about phase two, so that's pretty exciting.

After a little bit more than two and a half years, it just makes me feel proud about this initial starting moment. It ended up to just a fantastic story.

The excitement of this and what this means to the community and the state is, this is the type of company that's creating the future in North Carolina. It's not only putting people to work, it's long term investment. A company that invests in the state and their employees. And that's what's gonna be sustainable, and what's gonna make us the state we once were again, said Tony Copeland the governor of North Carolina.

Well, the team as we said is government, suppliers, employees. The two parents, which is GF and Linamar. And so that team together has worked really well. A lot of times joint ventures are difficult, but I think the key is, we've got basically an independent group called GF Linamar. It's not GF, and it's not Linamar, it's GF Linamar. And I think Carlos and the team here have just brought that culture really, really well. Learn more.

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