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Posted by Samantha Farris on Oct 3, 2019 11:40:32 AM

 Die Casting Congess Tabletop 2nd day Oct-2019

A few of Hill & Griffith's Sales Team, were captured in the picture above on 10/2/19, day 2 of the NADCA Die Casting Congress & Tabletop held at The Huntington Convention Center-Cleveland, OH. 

Angela Cox, Mike Lawry, Tom Trainor & Tom Dempsey

Hill & Griffith's mission since 1896 has been to continually improve the company’s products and services in a manner that will meet or exceed our customers’ needs and expectations. 

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Hill and Griffith Customer Service

We're known for our hands-on approach. Let us visit your plant, offer die casting technical support and recommend release agents, lubricants, plunger lubricants and permanent mold lubricants that suit your needs. Products that represent the latest in technology and ongoing research that enhance competitiveness and increase productivity. 

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Product Samples

We are pleased to provide samples in quantities large enough to allow you to "try before you buy." Die Casting and Squeeze Lubricants- Diluco®, Permanent Mold Coatings- Concote™, Plunger Lube™- Graphite and non-graphite oils and pastes with excellent anti-wear properties, Casting Operations Products: Start-up lubes, Ladle coatings, Anti-soldering pastes, Water glycol, Trim press lubricants, Surface protection for casting storage, Corrosion protection for die storage, Cleaners for machines and dies, Corrosion protection for machines, Heat treatment quenchants, and Heat-transfer fluids. Also, Industrial Lubricants Griflube®, Hydraulic fluids with fire-resistant and anti-wear properties, Bio-Syn natural ester-based hydraulic fluid, Way oil knuckle lubes and Metalworking Fluids- Grifcut™

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Hill and Griffith Customer Service

Technical Services & Support

On-site process surveys, Casting defect investigations, Product testing, Tooling start-ups and Statistical process controls and much more. Also, lab facilities are available to provide testing upon request. 

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