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NADCA Video News Update: Die Casting Alloy Effects, Phase Diagrams & Microstructure

Posted by Hill and Griffith Company on Sep 6, 2018 7:28:41 PM

The material presented in this video are some highlights from NADCA’s online webinar - Alloy Effects, Phase Diagrams, Microstructure.


This course presents the basics of understanding aluminum alloy chemistry of the alloys used in high pressure aluminum diecasting (HPDC), solidification and microstructures, the influence of impurities and subsequent melt treatment, emerging process development, melt quality analytical techniques and useful comparison with other casting processes. The topics that will be covered in Part 1 are: the aluminum crystallographic structure and why/how alloying is beneficial, the relevant phase diagrams for aluminum-silicon alloys which are the foundation of all aluminum foundry processes and application to HPDC, specific contributions of individual alloy elements, and understanding the microstructure of aluminum diecasting alloys.

For information on purchasing a downloadable copy of this webinar in its entirety, please visit: http://www.diecasting.org/store/detail.aspx?id=WEB140

(Transcript of the highlight.)

Magnesium does reduce the impact strength and ductility historically, and also, again, in relation to the softer aluminum matrix, increases the strength and the hardness and improves the machinability.


Zinc is a very acceptable impurity, in part because in the old days it was very difficult to perhaps differentiate between one white metal to another, and fortunately, the aluminum being a bit of a universal solvent does have a reasonable solubility of zinc. Zinc also is a lower economic cost type of element, and therefore, it does reduce the cost of the alloy a bit. But one of the difficulties that one encounters is that zinc, being a low temperature metal, does give rise to hot shortness and heavy metal segregation, which can cause some embrittlement, particularly as the die castings may be removed fairly quickly from the die casting cavity.

Die-Casting-Alloy-Effects,-Phase-Diagrams,-Microstructure-3 copy

To purchase access to this course, visit the NADCA marketplace at www.diecasting.org/store. Purchasing a course through the Online Education System grants you one year of access to the recording, presentation, support material, and test when applicable. 

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