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NADCA Video Highlight - Basic Diecasting Operator Training

Posted by Hill and Griffith Company on Mar 27, 2019 9:52:04 PM

The material presented in this video are some highlights from NADCA’s online webinar - Basic Operator Training: Recognizing and Controlling Flow Defects.

The operator will learn how to recognize flow (surface) defects and what causes these types of defects. This course will address various operating parameters that impact flow defects, such as die temperature, die spray, cooling line flow rate, fill time and metal temperature. The operator will also learn corrective measures that can be taken to reduce and control flow defects, including preferred operating ranges for the various parameters.

Diecasting Soldering Cracks

For information on purchasing a downloadable copy of this webinar in its entirety, please visit: diecasting.org/store/detail.aspx?id=WEB009

From the video highlight transcription,

"The second one is cracks. And a crack is what you'd think of a crack in anything. It's where two parts of it have broken apart, sheared apart, and you have, now, a void running through a certain section of it. And you can see that here in this picture. You have a nice little crack running right through the middle of it.

Now, there are a couple ways that you can get cracks in die casting. One is if it's caused thermally. If you have temperature variations across the casting, you're going to have internal stresses and those internal stresses could end up pulling the casting in certain ways and causing a crack.

The other way you can get a crack is mechanically. So if there was improper ejection, so if you have ejector pins that are too short or if you have ejector pins that are stuck and not pushing out or if you have the casting that's stuck in one section and only one half of the casting is getting pushed out, it's going to end up bending the casting and could cause cracking.

The other way to cause a crack is to mishandle it. If you drop it, bang it against something, you can cause a crack that way.

To purchase access to this course, visit the NADCA marketplace at www.diecasting.org/store. Purchasing a course through the online education system grants you one year of access to the recording, presentation, support material, and tests when applicable."

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