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Application of die casting lubricant

Posted by Hill and Griffith Company on Dec 6, 2017 3:49:04 PM

Proper die casting lubricant and its application ensure that parts eject easily and without defects.

Also called mold release or die spray a precise amount of it is sprayed onto the steel mold before each shot. It evaporates when it comes in contact with the hot steel leaving just the right amount of lubricated coating and required temperature of the mold.


If it cannot evaporate fast enough or if the tool cools too quickly, the molten metal may become more porous. Porosity is always caused by the die casting process. Proper component design, draft, overflows and venting can reduce porosity; as well as specially formulated die release agents.

If there is not enough, the component may stick in the die and cause defects. The larger the draft; the less mold release required. 


Die lubricants are formulated specifically for zinc, aluminum or magnesium and the complexity of the die casting. 

Water-based lubricants provide a release agent and die cooling. Oil-based lubricants may be more appropriate for painted or plated components. It doesn’t provide the same cooling as water-based. Oil-based allows for an increased temperature which may be required for high-quality finishes.

Die Casting Process in Google News:

The global aluminum casting market is projected to reach USD 97.36 billion by 2025


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