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NADCA's Congress West Returns! Spotlights Die Casting Lubricant

Posted by Hill and Griffith Company on Dec 13, 2017 2:01:52 PM

Room Block Closes December 21 - Register Today!


From the Dec 13, 2017 Newsletter: 

NADCA is excited to announce the return of Die Casting Congress West on January 11-12, 2018 at the Hilton Long Beach. The Congress will feature technology highlights of our Congress in Atlanta earlier this fall. The event will kick off with a cocktail reception on January 11 and lead into a full day of presentations on January 12.  Presentations to include: 

Session: State of the Industry
An update on the current state of the die casting industry.
Paul Brancaleon, North American Die Casting Association 

Session: Structural
The ability of the die casting industry to improve cast component performance will help die casting continue to be a relevant manufacturing process. Structural die castings have been identified as having the potential to expand markets for die castings by providing improved mechanical properties. Higher strengths and elongations allow die castings to be used as structural, or even crash-worthy, components on automobiles. Research on alloys and heat treatments used in structural die castings will be presented during this session.
Paul Brancaleon, North American Die Casting Association 
Session: Die Coatings  
Die casting is a harsh environment for dies and tooling. Heat checking, soldering and wash-out are all issues that die cast tooling faces. Research is being performed on the use of coatings to not only protect the tooling, but also reduce the amount of die spray needed. Protecting the surface of the die, as well as the shot sleeve inner diameter, will extend the life of the die and sleeve, which in turn leads to better quality castings.
Steve Midson, The Midson Group
Session: Computer Modeling
To make higher quality die castings the die casting process needs to be understood on a fundamental level. Transforming the basic principles of die casting into mathematical equations, the process can be simulated on a computer. Advances in computer simulation lead to process improvements, improved tooling, and optimum utilization of new alloys.
Al Miller, The Ohio State University

Session: Advanced Technology    
Customers are constantly looking for higher quality parts at lower costs with shorter lead times. There are limits to the benefits of improving process control. Eventually, new technology is required to meet the demands of new products or stricter quality and functional requirements. This session will look at some of those new technologies and how they can be utilized to improve die castings.  
Beau Glim, North American Die Casting Association

The Congress is sponsored by a limited number of Suppliers that attendees will be able to meet with to learn more about products and services available to the die casting industry.

Sponsors Include: 
Thermtronix Corp
BuhlerPrince Inc
Visi-Trak Worldwide, LLC
Frech USA Inc
B&L Information Systems Inc
Oerlikon Balzers
MAGMA Foundry Technologies Inc
Hill and Griffith Co
Hildreth Manufacturing LLC
Midland Technologies, Inc
Anviloy By Astaras Inc
HPM North America Corporation

The cost is just $20 for NADCA Members and $50 for Non-Members (note that registration includes access to the cocktail hour as well as breakfast and lunch on January 12).  In addition, if you will be sending 5 or more people we are offering special pricing.  

Information and registration can be found herePlease note that the housing block closes December 21, so make your reservations right away! If you have any questions please feel free to contact Melisa Ryzner, CMP at mryzner@diecasting.org or 847.808.3161.

A Short History of the Die Casting Lubricant

Die casting has progressed over the last sixty years from small parts of lower melting metals and alloys such as zinc, to castings of large parts, such as tailgates and engine blocks with high-melting alloys of aluminum or magnesium.

The metals are injected into a mold very quickly and under high pressure. The pressure is maintained until solidification, which produces accurate parts with good surface finish. Depending on the alloys, it's possible to obtain a variety of physical and mechanical properties over a range of sizes and weights.

As die casting conditions grow more severe with higher temperatures, pressure and increased part size. Higher performance die casting lubricants are needed to enhance the process, as long as they don’t negatively affect the quality of the casting.

The Hill and Griffith Company is dedicated to providing high performance die casting lubricants, application and management technologies to continue to increase the size, quality and strength of diecast parts and assemblies.

Die Casting Process in Google News:

The global aluminum casting market is projected to reach USD 97.36 billion by 2025

Die Casting Machine Market 2022 | Industry Outlook, Growth, Trends and Forecast in Europe

Hill and Griffith Customer Service

We're known for our hands on approach. Let us visit your plant, offer die casting technical support and recommend release agents, lubricants, plunger lubricants and permanent mold lubricants that suit your needs. Products that represent the latest in technology and ongoing research that enhance competitiveness and increase productivity. 

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We are pleased to provide samples in quantities large enough to allow you to "try before you buy." Die Casting and Squeeze Lubricants- Diluco®, Permanent Mold Coatings- Concote™, Plunger Lube™- Graphite and non-graphite oils and pastes with excellent anti-wear properties, Casting Operations Products: Start-up lubes, Ladle coatings, Anti-soldering pastes, Water glycol, Trim press lubricants, Surface protection for casting storage, Corrosion protection for die storage, Cleaners for machines and dies, Corrosion protection for machines, Heat treatment quenchants, and Heat-transfer fluids. Also, Industrial Lubricants Griflube®, Hydraulic fluids with fire-resistant and anti-wear properties, Bio-Syn natural ester-based hydraulic fluid, Way oil knuckle lubes and Metalworking Fluids- Grifcut™

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