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High Pressure Die Casting Release Agent Spray Manifold

Posted by Hill and Griffith Company on Aug 24, 2016 10:28:50 AM

Published on July 12, 2016 by GF Automotive (George Fischer) presents this video, "The innovative lightweight components from GF Automotive in casting make modern cars lighter and help reduce CO2 emissions. With proprietary, cutting-edge materials, bionic design and advanced manufacturing technologies, GF Automotive global automotive and commercial vehicle industry solutions to their current burning challenges."


(This is a frame grab of the high pressure die casting release agent manifold shown in the video. The intricate nozzle patterns are adjusted to the specific mold being used. Exacting control of the release agent spray pattern controls the cooling of the mold and provides accurate release agent application.)


From NADCA eNews Aug 24, 2016

GF Automotive is a joint venture partner of the new Blue Ridge Southeastern Advanced Molding Technology Education Center (SAMTEC).

SAMTEC at Blue Ridge Community College will be the only holistic, high pressure die casting and mold training center east of Illinois. Currently, the southeast region of the United States is home to 25 die cast manufacturers and a wide variety of manufacturers using plastic injection molding and extrusion processes. The Center will focus on providing quality workforce training in high pressure die cast of aluminum and magnesium parts as well as training in the production of a wide variety of plastic products through injection molding and extrusion processes.

SAMTEC will be located on Blue Ridge Community College Henderson County Campus in the Spearman Building. This places the Center in a high-tech facility adjacent to several of Blue Ridge’s premier curriculum programs including Alternative Fuels, Mechatronics Technology, Computer-Integrated Machining, and Welding.

Fueled by a joint venture announced recently by Swiss Company Georg Fischer (GF) and Canada-based Linamar, the SAMTEC job training initiative is specifically designed to meet the training needs of GF Linamar’s new high pressure die cast facility slated to open in Mills River. The jointly owned facility will specialize in high pressure die casting to produce light-weight aluminum and magnesium parts for power train, driveline and structural components. This venture will add 350 jobs to the region with an average annual salary of $47,000.

Blue Ridge Community College recently received an Economic Catalyst grant of $550,000 from Golden LEAF Foundation for the purchase of equipment to support SAMTEC and training for GF Linamar. GF Linamar, Buhler and ABB will also donate equipment for SAMTEC valued at more than $768,000.

While designed to meet the training needs of GF Linamar, SAMTEC will also be able to support the training needs of other area companies with plastic injection molding and extrusion processes. These companies include Elkamet Inc., B.I.G. Adventures, Continental Automotive Systems, Meritor Inc., Raumedic, and Lassonde Pappas. Training topics will include die casting process, mold preparation, thermo dynamics, industrial controls, TIG welding, industrial mold process operation.

Blue Ridge Community College instructors Bryan Bagley and Shawn McCallister recently spent a total of three weeks training at BuhlerPrince in Michigan and Buhler in Switzerland, as well as at the Georg Fischer plant in Austria. This training will enable these instructors to develop and provide local training for area manufacturers at SAMTEC.

After formal agreements for the donated equipment were put into place on Thursday, the College expects to open the Southeastern Advanced Molding Technology Education Center in January 2017.

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