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Die Casting Release Video of Application by Kawasaki Robotics

Posted by Hill and Griffith Company on Nov 15, 2017 7:19:12 PM

Video shows Kawasaki robots extracting die casting and applying release agent to mold


This application shows a Kawasaki F-Series FS45N Robot extracting aluminum parts from a mold. A second Kawasaki F-Series FS10N Robot is utilized to spray mold release agent on the die surfaces. The automated process ensures operators will not be exposed to hazardous emissions or be in harms way of moving machinery.


View die casting release video in YouTube "Mold Extraction with Release Agent Spray - Kawasaki Robotics.Download video link.


"The hot steam and hazardous emissions from die casting machines have been a cause of problems in the aluminum casting process. Kawasaki Robotics offers a viable solution to these serious hazards. First, the Kawasaki FS10N robot sprays the mold with release lubricant prior to start of the casting process. The FS10N robot effectively and completely sprays the entire surface of the casting with release agent. This coating process accurately dispenses a proper amount of release fluid, and the robot ensures that is applied evenly, to only those areas that require lubricant, resulting in a reduction in waste and significant cost savings. 


Melted aluminum will then flow into a die assembly, and the FS45N robot performs an extraction from the mold. Now, operators no longer have problems in the casting process, and they are free from the risk of injuries due to the hot steam and harsh emissions. In addition, robot tooling changes are not required for different types of molds. Switching between robot programs is as simple as selecting a new program from the teach pendant. In this casting removal, no special compensation mechanism is required on the robot, even though the machine ejects the part into the robot gripper.


The Kawasaki robot is equipped with sophisticated compensation software called "Self Absorber." This software allows the robot to react to the external forces that are presented by the ejector pulse of the machine. The result is a consistent, reliable, automated mold extraction process.
The robot arm has a risk protection rating of IP-67. In this application, no arm cover is required, even though the robot is in constant contact with a harsh release agent.


The robot can also be employed to handle different processing of the parts. This type of automation further reduces the risk of employee injury and contributes to a clean, safe environment for workers."


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