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Griflube Hydraulic Fluids

Posted by Hill and Griffith Company on Jan 25, 2017 2:59:20 PM

Specialty Industrial Lubricants

The Hill and Griffith Company offers Griflube Hydraulic Fluids that are biodegradable, fire-resistant and high-pressure hydraulic fluid under its new GRIFLUBE® line of specialty industrial lubricants engineered for precision hydraulic fluid applications. The new line of products includes the Aquatech FR 200 premium water glycol, the new biodegradable Bio-Syn fire resistant fluid, Gear Oil EP industrial gear lubricants, Premier AW (Anti-Wear) hydraulic and lubricating oils, Premier R&O hydraulic circulating oils and Slide-Way lubricants.




To learn more about the biodegradable, fire-resistant and high-pressure properties of these products, click on the product below or request bulletins and technical papers.

Product Feature Applications
GRIFLUBE® Aquatech FR 200
Hydraulic Fluid
Fire-Resistant Diecast
Permanent Mold Industries
Hydraulic Fluid
Foundry Applications
Industrial Gear Lubricant
Superior Thermal Stability
Corrosion Control
Seal Compatibility
Extreme Load
Shock Load Conditions
Hydraulic and Lubricating Oil
Wear-Resistant High Pressure
Extreme Temperature
High Speed
Hydraulic Circulating Oil
High Oxidation
Maximum Water Separation
All but most severe 
High Pressure applications
GRIFLUBE® Slide-Way 68 and 220 Slide and Way Lubricating Oil Superior Slide Lubrication
and Protection
Machine Tool Slides


GRIFLUBE® Aquatech FR 200 hydraulic fluid

GRIFLUBE® Aquatech FR 200 hydraulic fluid is a premium fire resistant water glycol hydraulic fluid, designed specifically for the diecast and permanent mold industries, where safety is a priority and maximum stability in reserve alkalinity is demanded for extended corrosion control. To learn more about Aquatech FR 200’s fire-resistant properties, request bulletins and technical papers.

GRIFLUBE® Bio-Syn Hydraulic Fluid

With the advent of increased environmental awareness, Hill and Griffith developed the GRIFLUBE® Bio-Syn biodegradable fire resistant hydraulic fluid for foundry, steel mill and power plant applications requiring maximum latitude in lubrication and complete compatibility with the environment. To learn more about Bio-Syn’s biodegradable properties, request bulletins and technical papers.

GRIFLUBE® Gear-Oil EP Industrial Gear Lubricant

GRIFLUBE® Gear-Oil EP industrial gear lubricants are formulated to ensure superior thermal stability, corrosion control and seal compatibility for all severe applications where extreme load and shock load conditions are prevalent. The line’s extreme pressure additives provide the highest load carrying properties to extend the life of gear reducers, which utilize spiral bevel, helical, herringbone, and spur gears. To learn more about Gear-Oil EP’s superior thermal stability, corrosion control and seal compatibility properties, request bulletins and technical papers.

GRIFLUBE® Premier AW Hydraulic and Lubricating Oil

With servo-system cleanliness, the GRIFLUBE® Premier AW (Anti-Wear) hydraulic and lubricating oils were designed to exceed the rigorous requirements of heavy-duty hydraulic applications where high pressures, temperature extremes, and moisture are most demanding on hydraulic fluids. GRIFLUBE® Premier AW is formulated with the highest quality refined paraffin-base stocks in the industry and then fortified with the most effective anti-wear additives and oxidation inhibitors available. From CNC machine tool applications to precision plastic injection molding operations, where higher pressures, temperature extremes, and increased speeds exact the greatest demands on a hydraulic fluid, the Premier AW series of hydraulic oils will provide maximum latitude for long-term performance. To learn more about Premier AW’s wear-resistant properties, request bulletins and technical papers.

GRIFLUBE® Premier R&O Hydraulic Circulating Oil

Where high oxidation and maximum amount of water separation are needed, Hill and Griffith offers GRIFLUBE® Premier R&O hydraulic circulating oils, which are effective in all but the most severe high pressure applications. These products are ideal in circulating systems such as steam turbines where maximum demulsibility of water and low air entrainment properties permit a high circulation rate. To learn more about Premier R&O’s high oxidation and maximum water separation properties, request bulletins and technical papers.

GRIFLUBE® Slide-Way 68 and 220 Slide and Way Lubricating Oil

To lubricate slides and ways in all types of metalworking and machine tool applications, GRIFLUBE® Slide-Way 68 and 220 help maintain smooth, uninterrupted motion, provide maximum latitude in extreme pressure protection while preventing stick-slip chatter in the machine tool feed. They are unusually resistant to removal by the detergency of synthetic coolants and soluble oils thus minimizing the degree of tramp oil contamination limiting biological attack of the coolant. To learn more about Slide-Way 68 and 220’s superior lubrication and protection properties, request bulletins and technical papers.

Note: All hydraulic fluids are available with a proactive preventive maintenance program, which allows for extended warranty consideration on all hydraulic components.

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