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Guide to Die Casting Release Agents - NADCA Book

Posted by Hill and Griffith Company on Aug 28, 2019 11:30:02 AM

NADCA offers its book outlining the specifics of die casting release agents and their application

This is a comprehensive textbook for die casting engineers. This book describes the purposes of die release agents and their characteristics. The purposes addressed include: protecting the tooling; releasing the casting; thermal control of tooling; and, lubrication of moving die components. Characteristics such as wettability and the Leidenfrost Effect are covered. Next, dilution, application strategies and common application hardware is presented. This document is an informative and practical guide for die casting practitioners and those responsible for selecting die release agents, solving die casting quality problems, and reducing costs and cycle time.
Guide to Die Casting Release Agents

The book has also been updated to include metric units and information on the latest inspection instruments used in the identification and analysis of defects in die castings.

Chapter details are as follows:

  1. Objective
  2. Purposes of Die Release Agents
    1. Protect the Tooling
    2. Release the Casting
    3. Thermal Control of the Tooling
    4. Lubricate Moving Tooling Components
    5. Other Functions
  3. Characteristics of Spray Die Release Agents
    1. Fundamental Ingredients 
    2. Dilution
    3. Wettability and the Leidenfrost Effect
  4. Spray Application
    1. Strategies
    2. Common Hardware
    3. Alternate Methods
  5. References
  6. Additional Resources

To purchase the hard copy or download the e-version of this book, go to the NADCA site.


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