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NADCA Die Casting Congress Awards 2019 - Structural/High Integrity Winner

Posted by Hill and Griffith Company on Apr 1, 2020 2:15:15 PM

For the last 45 years, NADCA has sponsored its International Die Casting Design Competition to showcase outstanding die cast designs while acknowledging the continuous contribution die casters provide to the manufacturing industry. As die castings become more complex, higher quality, lower cost, and more unique, it becomes important for die casters to be involved in the process early in the product’s design phase. A die casting is not a machined part, sand casting, or an extrusion. It is critical for die casters to effectively communicate to the designer requirements to make a quality casting. The winners of the 2019 International Die Casting Competition have exhibited a close relationship with their customer to produce castings that have a complex design, high quality, and ingenuity. These castings often expand the market for die casting and reduce the cost of the part compared to the previous manufacturing method.

NADCA Structural-High Integrity Winner 2019

Structural/High Integrity Winner

2019 Winner: Dongah Tire and Rubber America Inc.

Award Nominee: Michael Standke

Customer: General Motors

Engine Mount Bracket


0.77 lbs


Connect engine to engine mount.

Engine mount brackets are often high pressure die cast using A380. This process and material is cost-efficient and capable of producing complex part shapes but results in limited material properties (low yield strength, low elongation). Limited material properties may require designs to be reinforced with extra material (higher weight part). Engine mount brackets are occasionally forged using 6061. This process and material is expensive and incapable of producing complex part shapes but results in superior material properties (higher yield strength, higher elongation). Superior material properties may enable mass reduction.

Engine mount bracket was originally designed as an A380 casting. Engineers and designers were able to reduce the mass of the A380 part by 40% by revising the design to a 6061 forging. Resulting forging would have cost 70% more than the casting but the shape was too complex to forge. By utilizing squeeze cast A345 the team was able to maintain the 40% mass reduction, cast the complex shape and avoid the entire 70% cost increase.

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