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Register today - NADCA Die Casting Show

Posted by Hill and Griffith Company on Jul 14, 2017 9:18:54 AM

Registration Now Open for NADCA’s Die Casting Congress & Tabletop

The 2017 Die Casting Congress & Tabletop will be held September 18-20, 2017, at the Atlanta Convention Center at the AmericasMart in Atlanta, GA. This three day event will feature more than 100 exhibitors ready to highlight their latest and greatest products and technology. Over 30 Congress presentations will be given by experts from around the world on topics such as computer modeling, process engineering, advanced technology, additive manufacturing and a special Global Trends spotlight session, just to name a few. These presentations will expose metalcasters to the latest technology, ongoing research and successful management tools that will assist companies in enhancing their competitiveness.


NADCA Die Casting Show
September 18-20, 2017
Atlanta, GA
Hill and Griffith Booth #225
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Winners of the International Die Casting Design Competition will be on display and honored as well as the Die Casting Industry Award winners. Companies looking to send more than 5 attendees will receive a special discounted rate. For more information or to register* please click here.

*Those exhibiting in the show will receive special instructions on how to register their complimentary personnel.

(Tailgates have received "Casting of the Year" in past competitions. Here's a winner from last year's NADCA DieCasting Show.)


Thin Wall Aluminum Die Casting  Over 10 lbs
Georg Fischer Druckguss Gmbh, Wiener Str. 41-43, Herzogenburg, Austria

Caster Award Nominees - Franziska Benedetter
Customer - Mercedes-Benz Technology Center, Daimler AG
Function of Part
Rear door frame for Mercedes C-Class T-Model.
Previous Process to Produce Part
Previously a 9 piece assembly of stamped steel.
Advantages Gained
Replaced a 9 piece assembly of stamped steel with a single aluminum die casting. Solving the challenging size and compliance of accuracy allowed for a 8.8 lb reduction in weight and elimination of assembly and joining operations. Switching to die casting allowed for an optimized vehicle package (loading gate, viewing angle) by having small radii and draft angles.
Part - Rear Door Frame
Material - AISi9MnMg
Weight - 11.5 lbs
End Market - Automotive

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