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Top 3 Remedies for Defects Caused by Die Casting

Posted by Hill and Griffith Company on Sep 29, 2020 8:38:24 PM

Excerpt from the Manufacturing Technology Insights August 2020 article

The most common defects in die casting are caused due to misruns and cold shuts. Below are three remedies for common defects caused by die casting.

Fremont, CA: The die casting process forces molten metal into a cavity at high pressure and is commonly used to make automative parts like engine blocks, wheels, and engine chassis. The tooling producing these parts must be durable. Buyers are not likely to trust a new process easily. Die cast tooling is not a prominent place to experiment, but the challenge of the method makes it precisely the kind of application that is ideal for testing the limits of metal 3D printing.


Squeeze Casting

With its larger gate areas, air capture is minimized by permitting planar die filling. Porosity is equally harmful to the performance of die-cast parts.

Vacuum Die Casting

A vacuum system extracts air from a die cavity as it is filled, reduces entrapped air, and allows for lower temperatures of molten metal, and more efficiently fills cavities. 

Semi-Solid Casting

A semi-liquified, as opposed to fully liquified, metal is used. The metal absorbs less gas before injection, consequently releasing less during cooling. The result is die-cast parts with a lesser rate of porosity.

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