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New-Generation Die Cooling and Die Lubricant Application Systems

Posted by Hill and Griffith Company on Jun 10, 2020 3:23:40 PM

Problems with conventional approaches to forging-die lubrication can be eliminated with a system that uses PLC-controlled positive-displacement pumping systems.

Excerpt from the November 2007 Forging Magazine article by the Forging staff

In the forging process, friction between die and part, consistency of friction from part to part, and consistency of die temperature all affect not only the part quality and part tolerances, but also die life, and hence operating efficiency and operating costs.

Indeed, die life is affected not only by thermal cycling but also by friction between the die and the part being formed, variations of which greatly affect the severity of thermal cycling itself. Die designers base their designs on assumed, given friction. Presses also are designed based on loads caused by formation of parts, and these loads are affected significantly by friction, in addition to temperature and material being formed. Even billet weight is based on estimated material flow which, again, is greatly impacted by temperature and friction.

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