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Video News Update: Die Casting Lubricants, Applications and Effects

Posted by Hill and Griffith Company on Feb 12, 2020 11:20:00 AM

NADCA Video News & Information

The material presented in this video are some highlights from NADCA’s online webinar - Die Casting Lubricants, Application and Effects. The application and background of pulse spray is reviewed. Actual Case Studies are reviewed on the application of pulse spray in two die casting facilities. Electrostatic Spray - The basic principles of electrostatic spray are reviewed. The application of electrostatic spray is demonstrated. Plunger Lubrication - The function, chemistry and application of plunger lubricants are reviewed. This webinar also reviews the effect on quality of die cast parts if the plunger application is not closely controlled.

NADCA Die Casting Spray Lubricants Application

Transcript excerpt

When we look at pulse spray compared to normal spray, continuous spray is just going to drop the temperature of the face of the tool. Whereas pulse spray is going to drop it, and let it heat back up, drop it, and let it heat back up. And that is where we are moving the majority of the heat just using the pulse spray. Pulse spray allows for the recovery of the surface temperature and removing heat faster than a continuous spray. It is also using less lube because we’ve got it on and then off.

So, when NADCA started this study several years ago, we did some simulations. We simulated a half-second on, half-second off, half-second on with a total spray time of two-and-a-half seconds. In that simulation, we showed that compared to continuous spray, we can use about 40 percent less die spray and cool the tool with the same effectiveness as continuous spray.

For information on purchasing a downloadable copy of this webinar in its entirety, please visit: http://www.diecasting.org

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