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Plunger Lube™ 3000 Semi-synthetic Plunger Lubricant

Plunger illustration for die casting lubricants pageSemi-synthetic Oil-based Lubricant for Diecasting Foundry

Plunger Lube™ 3000 is a semi-synthetic, oil-based lubricant for plunger tips and sleeves for casting aluminum and magnesium alloys. Plunger Lube™ 3000 contains unique additives to promote adhesion of the lubricant to the plunger tip for unsurpassed lubrication without graphite. 

Plunger Lube™ 3000 provides exceptional performance while minimizing smoke emissions and the evolution of gasses. Plunger Lube™ 3000 has a honey-like appearance with a desirable consistency for manual or automatic application.


  • Tenacious film minimizes usage.
  • Excellent wetting and lubrication properties.
  • Outstanding tip adhesion avoids waste and mess.  
  • Improves tip and sleeve life.
  • Minimizes flame and smoke emissions.
  • Reduces plunger lubricant related porosity.



Apply neat with bush or through automated spray or drip systems. 


Appearance:  Clear Amber
Pounds Per Gallon:  7.40
Odor:  Petroleum
Flash Point P.M.C.C.:  >350°F
Viscosity:  ~ 1800 cps
Storage Life:  Six Months


PLUNGER LUBE™ 3000 is available in 5-gallon pails, 55 gallon drums, totes and bulk.


Plunger Lube™ 3000 has a low degree of hazard.  Recommended disposal procedures are landfill, reclaim, and incineration according to local, state and federal regulations.  Refer to SDS for more information. 

This information is based on tests believed to be reliable. It is given only for your information and no warranty, expressed or implied, is made as we cannot guarantee conditions that are not under our direct control.  This data is not intended as authorization or recommendation to practice a patented invention without knowledge or permission of the patent owner.

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