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"Foundry Management & Technology, 2019 Metalcasting Outlook"

Posted by Hill and Griffith Company on Dec 11, 2018 2:04:22 PM

North American foundry and diecasting managers and decision makers give the final word on industry conditions today — and the first word on their expectations for metalcasting growth and development in the coming year.


2019 Metalcasting Outlook 1

Foundry Management & Technology, "2019 Metalcasting Outlook."

Metalcasting is not an ordinary industrial market: it is sensitive to all types of economic variables (raw materials, energy, labor) as well as financial conditions (interest rates, tariffs.)

2019 Metalcasting Outlook 2

Shifts in industrial demand or consumer demand can punish metalcasters that are unprepared to respond to changes.

2019 Metalcasting Outlook 3

The business forces producers to manage high operating costs, and it demands adherence to the behavior of long and complex supply chains.

2019 Metalcasting Outlook 4

Most economic indices suggest U.S. industrial economics are sound as 2018 closes, with good prospects for sustained growth in output and demand.

2019 Metalcasting Outlook 5

But, not every industrial or consumer sector has the same outlook.

2019 Metalcasting Outlook 6

The problems they face are profound: “The casting industry is being pushed and tested more than ever,” one correspondent told us.

2019 Metalcasting Outlook 7

"Struggling to meet regulations, keep having retention issues and falling behind on our committed ship date to our customers,” another wrote.

2019 Metalcasting Outlook 8

Evaluating metalcasting industry conditions and forecasting economic developments for foundries and diecasters demands a more concentrated look at their activities, who they do business with and what opportunities and challenges they face.

2019 Metalcasting Outlook 9

That is the objective, and the purpose, of Foundry Management & Technology’s 2019 Metalcasting Business Outlook.

2019 Metalcasting Outlook 10

2019 Metalcasting Outlook 11

2019 Metalcasting Outlook 12

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