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Gift idea for your favorite metalcaster - Aluminum Metalcasting Guide

Posted by Hill and Griffith Company on Nov 28, 2017 11:34:41 AM

This holiday season, get the metalcaster on your list the ultimate aluminum resource. Aluminum Casting Technology, 3rd Edition, is available for purchase in the AFS Store.

Loaded with 554 pages of colorful charts, graphics, and text, this book is a favorite among metalcasters. The updated edition builds on previous versions with five brand new chapters and seven upgraded ones. New chapters include:
• Casting Process Simulation
• Solidification
• Semi-Solid Mold Processes
• Metal Matrix Composites
• Additive Manufacturing & Rapid Prototyping

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Lead author, David Neff, PhD in metallurgy, contributed his 40 years of experience to make this book the best resource available for aluminum metalcasters.
Click here to purchase your Aluminum Metalcasting Guide copy today.

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The book, “Aluminum Casting Technology,” has become one of the key resources for aluminum metalcasting personnel throughout North America and the world. The aluminum shape casting industry has grown considerably over the past 25 years with many expanded product applications, especially in the automotive sector. Aluminum casting usage in the military, aerospace, electronics industries, and other commercial applications also have grown as light-weighting and energy conservation have gained momentum, taking advantage of aluminum’s inherent benefits. Correspondingly, many advances have occurred in aluminum casting process science and technology during that time. This new Third Edition builds on the previous volume, but with many upgrades and additions.

The most notable changes are in the rewrite of seven existing chapters and the creation of five new chapters on: Casting Process Simulation; Solidification; Semi-Solid Mold Processes; Metal Matrix Composites; Additive Manufacturing & Rapid Prototyping.

The Aluminum Casting Technology, 3rd Edition is the best book to have on hand at your facility, your classroom or your metalcasting library. It’s designed to be not only a reference book, but also a valuable educational tool for established and new employees.

1—Castability Of Aluminum Alloys
2—Casting Process Simulation & Autonomous Optimization
3—Melting, Furnaces & Pouring Melting Practices
4—Solidification of Aluminum Castings
5—Molten Metal Treatment
7—Designing Aluminum Castings
9—Permanent Mold Casting
11—Resin Coated Sand (RCS) Process
12—Plaster Mold Casting
13—Centrifugal Casting
14—Investment Casting
15—Lost Foam Casting
16—Semi-Solid Metalcasting & Squeeze Casting
17—Metal Matrix Composites
18—Gating & Risering
19—Heat Treatment & Strengthening
21—Rapid Prototyping/Additive Manufacturing
22—Postcasting Operations

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