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What’s New at the American Foundry Society Institute Episode 2

Posted by Hill and Griffith Company on Mar 5, 2017 1:56:28 PM

(This week's post comes from the American Foundry Society (AFS) Institute. Learn more by going to the video.)

Published on March 2017
In this 16 minute video-cast, AFS Institute Director of Education Shelly Dutler shares the latest course information and updates from the Institute, including:

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March AFS Classroom Courses

  • Copper 101
  • Copper 201
  • Green Sand Molding 101
  • Nobake Molding & Coremaking 201
  • Casting Cost Estimating
  • Permanent Mold Thermal Management

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Advantages of In-Plant Training

  • Immediate impact, high value, unbiased skills training for a large group
  • Convenient at you facility training, no lost time for travel
  • Hands-on, engaging activities to reinforce skills development
  • New skills can be immediately put to use under guidance of certified instructor

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The Institute at 121st Metacasting Congress

  • Identifying the Correct Defect
  • Casting Material Properties
  • Virtual Casting Process
  • Building Positive Buzz

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Stay Tuned for...

  • Aluminum: Casting Applications, Casting Production
  • Steel: Quality & Inspection Methods
  • AFA Sand Test: Sampling Methods, Sieve Analysis & GFN, AFS Clay, Compactability, pH, Acid demand value of sand, Permability, Moisture & LOI
  • Chemically Bonded Molding & Coremaking: Coldbox Coremaking Components, Nobake Materials and Equipment, Chemical Binder Handling Safety Requirements

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Latest in E-Learning

  • Aluminum: Alloys
  • Copper: Alloys, Applications, Production
  • Steel: Alloys, Casting Production, Introduction to Steel Heat Treatments
  • Sand Molding: Nobake Process, Coldbox Process, Methylene Blue Clay Test

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To learn more go to hub.afsinc.org, call 847-824-0181 or email sdutler@afsinc.org

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