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Advance Your Career with American Foundry Society e-Learning

Posted by Hill and Griffith Company on Mar 21, 2017 5:02:12 PM

(From the American Foundry Society's email newsletter published March 15, 2017.)

E-Learning Offers Convenient Career 
Advancement for Metalcasters

American Foundry Society e-Learning 200.jpgHave you thought about advancing your career in metalcasting?

The AFS e-Learning platform is an easy tool to accelerate your career in metalcasting. AFS e-Learning allows you to train in 10 metalcasting areas at your pace and convenience simply by signing up and logging on with AFS.

Module topics areas currently include:

• Aluminum 
• Casting Defects 
• Cast Iron 
• Coldbox 
• Copper 
• Gating and Riser Design 
• Green Sand 
• Nobake 
• Sand Testing 
• Steel

Each module ranges from 15 minutes to over 1 hour and offer you and your staff exposure to various metalcasting processes, materials and disciplines. The selection of modules is steadily increasing as AFS adds to the lineup, which currently includes 36 modules.

Customize your company’s training needs, or simply advance your own career. In 2017, AFS e-Learning is the easiest and fastest tool to advance your metalcasting career and gain practical skills to use on the shop floor.

Real world scenarios give you usable knowledge to move your career forward with American Foundry Society e-Learning.

Employers help your staff learn together and save on travel expenses and time out of office/foundry.

An annual e-learning subscription is available to Corporate Members which provides unlimited access to the full catalog of e-learning modules and the AFS Online Library of technical papers and industry articles. 

Move your career forward! Contact AFS customer service at 847/824-0181 to start your subscription or purchase below.
Purchase e-Learning Here

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