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Are Green Sand Metalcasting Foundries Like Farms?

Posted by Hill and Griffith Company on Jun 28, 2016 4:46:08 PM

(Thanks to Foundry Management and Technology for this post May 7, 2016 by G. Srivastava and R.C. Kothari.) 

Part 1 of 4.

You’ll be surprised to learn how much commonality exists between the circumstances of a farmer and a foundryman.

We invite you to spend a few minutes on a journey through the past and present, to prove to you that farmers and foundrymen are very much alike, and that each merits every consideration for easy and assured availability of resources and respect. To justify this we have deliberated closely on similarities between their two different avocations, with the purpose of persuading foundrymen, and to add a moment of levity to the otherwise a dry routine of challenges we face every day. We hope it will bring some amusement to you, too.

Mr. Srivastava and Mr. Kothari are both degreed professionals at work in the foundry industry in India.

casting tractorSurprising, isn’t it?

Both farming and metalcasting emerged as human skills at the very start of civilization, and both have developed to a degree of significant sophistication while sharing many important qualities.











Green Sand Foundry ProductsNew to the world …

The first farmers were motivated by the need to provide a steady supply of sustenance for living beings. The wandering man, an aboriginal, could not fill his belly with fruits and vegetables alone, nor by relying only on hunting animals. So, he cultivated the ground to gain produce from the earth, to fill the belly and then to satisfy taste. He developed ways to produce varieties, exploiting the regenerative potential of mother earth — and over much time he developed a knack for it.









Green Sand Core PastesMotivated by need

Foundries, on the other hand, followed once these evolving communities sought to stabilize and improve their lives, with implements for preparing food, and to provide shelter, improve work, and make living more comfortable. All this led to the start of Industrialization, to produce implements, tools, machines, means of transportation –– and also to defend against aggressors or to gain supremacy over others.







Green Sand Core WashA new product takes shape …

Both techniques create a something totally new and different from their inputs. The produce is totally different from their original source. The farmer’s produce is different from the seed, while the foundry’s produce is different from its basic raw material.










Green Sand Blacking Agents… the output bears no resemblance to the input

Molten metal is amorphous, but it is given a shape by pouring it into a mold or die formed as a negative impress of the desired result.











Green Sand Foundry Core CoatingsProducts form out of sight …

In farming, the ultimate product gets developed under the care of nature, drawing out of oxygen and carbon dioxide from air, nutrients from the ground and sustenance from Water. The different stages in the development of the produce can be watched, but the internal process of the transformation remains unseen.











Green Sand Foundry Tool Coatings… Unseen development

In a similar manner, while it is understood what happens when the molten metal fills the blank space provided by the mold/die, the solidification of the casting remains unseen as solidification takes place in situ.




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