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Casting Industry Suppliers Association (CISA) 2017 Profile

Posted by Hill and Griffith Company on Jul 25, 2017 4:50:30 PM

In 1896 when John Hill founded the Hill and Griffith Company, the concept of quality was adopted.

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He stated: “Hill and Griffith feels that the integrity of the company must be represented in the products and services bearing our names and labels.” Today, this tradition still lives on.

Mission statement
Our mission is to continually improve the company’s products and services in a manner that will meet or exceed our customers’ needs and expectations.

Active supporters and participants of: Ductile Iron Society; American Foundry Society; Cast Metals Institute; Foundry Education Foundation; Casting Industry Suppliers Association; Ohio Cast Metals Association; Indiana Cast Metals Association; North American Die Casting Association; and several others.

Hill and Griffith lineup

AQUAPART® II WITH GRAPHITE — Water-based, VOC reducing, fire-resistant mold release
GRIFLUBE® HYDRAULIC FLUIDS AND SPECIALTY LUBRICANTS — fire-resistant and environmentally compliant
DILUCO® — Die casting release agents
Y-250™, SUPER SLIK™, GENCO™, SLIK-EASE®, AVON™ — Biodegradable, environmentally responsible green sand release agents
COBRA™ — Cold box release agents
AIR SET™ — No-bake release agents
EZ-KOTE™ — Mold coatings
MOLD SEAL™ & COPESEAL™ — Mold sealants
CONCOTE™ — Permanent mold coatings
GREEN HORNET™, SHURSTIK™ and other core/mold adhesives
SLAGONE™, SLAG FINE™, SLAG KLEEN™, and SLAG SET™ — Slag coagulants
Many other specialties to meet your environmental and casting needs.

Hill and Griffith Plant locations.jpg

Manufacturing and warehouse locations:

  • Birmingham, AL 
  • Charlotte, NC 
  • Cincinnati, OH 
  • Delafield, WI 
  • Indianapolis, IN

Worldwide distribution locations:

  • United States 
  • Canada 
  • Mexico 
  • Central and South America 
  • Europe 
  • Pacific Rim


David Greek, Jr. - President

Dave Welsh - Vice President - Finance

Mike Lawry - Sales Manager

Donna Nijak - Indianapolis Plant Manager

John Spindler - Specialty Lubricants Manager

Doug Bierman - Logistics Manager

Bob Waterloo - Distributor Manager

The Hill and Griffith Company
1085 Summer Street Cincinnati, OH 45204
Tel.: 800-543-0425, 513-921-1075
Fax: 513-921-9180 

Hill and Griffith Customer Service

The Hill and Griffith Company's green sand metalcasting foundry supplies help achieve the EPA's M.A.C.T. standards and reduce Benzene emissions. Our variety of environmentally sound release agents, coatings, partings, lubricants, core oils and specialty products will help you meet your metal casting's needs. We're known for our hands on approach. Let us visit your plant and recommend products that suit your needs.

Hill and Griffith Samples

Product Samples

We are pleased to provide samples in quantities large enough to allow you to "try before you buy."
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Hill and Griffith Customer Service

Technical Services & Support

On-site casting defect investigations, product testing, machine start-ups and much more. Also, lab facilities are available to provide testing upon request.
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Bulletins and Technical Papers for Metal Casting Products


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