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Green Sand Metalcasting Foundry News

Foundry Chemicals for Green Sand Metalworking

Posted by Hill and Griffith Company on Feb 13, 2018 1:41:43 PM

Our major list of foundry chemicals includes release agents, coatings, partings, core pastes and coagulants. Also blacking agents, core binders, core oils, dry partings, mudding compounds and ladle coatings are offered to the metalcasting industry. Other foundry chemicals used in metal and metallurgical industries include additive agents, fluxes, metal feeding aids and hot topping compounds.

The Hill and Griffith Company offers a full line of release agents, coatings, partings, core pastes and coagulants for green sand, foundry applications. Hill and Griffith’s products help achieve EPA MACT standards and reduce benzene emissions.



For any process, process measurement and control are the path to results. You can learn more about process control from these two articles. One is from Hill and Griffith's Technical Director, Tim Cowel, and the other from Dr. Hathibelagal Roshan, Chief Metallurgist at Maynard Steel Casting Company from the American Foundry Society's post.

The Summary of Tim Cowell's article, "Resolving Adhesion Problems in Post Die Casting Operations."

It is the author’s desire that the information shared in this paper will be helpful to the die caster regarding specific steps to take in troubleshooting and resolving future adhesion problems.

The keys are to know what contaminants are contributing to the adhesion failure and are the pretreatment stage variables operating with the specified limits?  Until those two evaluations are performed, all adjustments to the process are shots in the dark.

From Dr. Hathibelagal Roshan's article,Process knowledge in foundries.“

In order to be profitable, foundries need to have adequate process knowledge on the various processes used by them to manufacture the specific parts needed by their customers. In spite of a large number of publications on various aspects of metal casting processes, there appears to be a lack of gap in technology to specifically define process knowledge. Process knowledge is defined as the list of process variables, their collection system, visualization system and analysis to determine the ranges of relevant process variables that are related to the product characteristics for specific castings made in the foundries. It is not adequate to just focus on individual sub-processes in the foundry and try to control its process variables in a general way. It is essential to focus on the critical product characteristics that are related to the acceptance criteria and document the process knowledge relevant to the specific part. It is possible that the process knowledge relevant for one part need not be the same for another part in the same foundry. For example, in the melting of steel with Al content of 0.06 max may be satisfactory for one part and may not be adequate for another part that requires Al 0.03 max in order to meet the product characteristics requirement of the freedom from conchoidal fracture of the test specimens.

You may also find it helpful to read our series of posts, "Review of "Glossary of Foundry Additives" by Clyde A. Sanders, American Colliod Company."

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The Hill and Griffith Company's green sand metalcasting foundry supplies help achieve the EPA's M.A.C.T. standards and reduce Benzene emissions. Our variety of environmentally sound release agents, coatings, partings, lubricants, core oils and specialty products will help you meet your metal casting's needs. We're known for our hands on approach. Let us visit your plant and recommend products that suit your needs.

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