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AquaPart II Green Sand Metalcasting Foundry Pattern Liquid Parting

Posted by Hill and Griffith Company on Jul 5, 2017 3:38:11 PM

Try this with another liquid parting and see what happens

The flammability hazard of traditional foundry pattern liquid parting does not exist with water-based AquaPart II®.

  • AquaPart II gives you a water-based dispersion
  • AquaPart II large droplet formation means faster, even application. You'll use less and spend less
  • AquaPart II has very low odor, sulfur, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).
  • Try AquaPart II in your foundry. You'll like the results!
 AquaPart Green Sand Liquid Parting 560x72.jpg

Water-Based Parting Compound for Green Sand Metalcasting Foundry

Hill & Griffith has developed and patented a unique water-based liquid parting which provides improved odor characteristics and reduced flammability for foundry molding applications.  Flammability has long been a concern in automatic molding operations and with the water-based formula, this concern can be minimized or eliminated.

Another important water-based benefit is the inherent low odor level, which makes this product more acceptable to operating personnel.  In addition to the low odor levels, AQUA PART® II minimizes airborne hydrocarbon emissions in the workplace enhancing the usability of this product.

The uniqueness of AQUA PART® II formula provides a durable film when applied on the patterns resulting in fewer sprays per draw with clean releases and minimum build-up.

For improved performance and cost reduction, it is recommended that AQUA PART® II be applied with air-activated nozzles.  Tests have shown that using this type equipment provides continuous uniform spray patterns resulting in improved coverage and reduced usage.


DENSITY   7.54 lbs/gallon
COLOR  White, Creamy
STATE @ 25o C  Free-flowing liquid
FLASHPOINT Not Applicable
ODOR    Pleasant smelling; low odor level
FREEZE/THAW If frozen, product returns to original consistency with strong agitation
MSDS  Available

Patent Number:  4,676,997

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