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Green Sand Metalcasting Foundry News

Prevent Casting Defects with Quality Foundry Supplies and Proper Mold Design

Posted by Hill and Griffith Company on Jan 17, 2018 1:53:50 PM

Green-sand foundry casting defects come in all types and sizes. Quality foundry supplies and proper mold design can help reduce or eliminate problems.

A review of three popular videos.


Green Sand Systems Defects App Demo
Green Sand Systems are the most widely used sand systems for foundries. Casting defects occur for many reasons. With the Green Sand System Defects application, you can upload images, maintain a personal image library, and have an expert analyze and certify your defect images. You also have access to view an existing library of casting defect images, the Green Sand Systems Defects course, and chat with an expert!


Casting Defects | Causes | Their Remedies | Shrinkage | Blow Holes | Warpage | Core Shift | Fins
A slow moving and corny animation but a good listing of casting defects, "Presenting Casting defects causes and their remedies which will be helpful for many foundry man. Casting defects include shrinkage, blow hole, warped surface, Fins, Core Shift, swelling, hot tear, metal penetration, misrun, cold shunt and mismatch etc. All these defects are very common in castings. to minimize these defects their causes must be in mind of engineer. Engineer must know how to do rememdy of each of these defects."


 Defects in Casting Process, by Mr. N. P. Sirdeshmukh

This lecture concentrates on defects in the casting processes. The illustrations are from this lecture. It is hard to understand if you aren't generally familar with the casting process.

You are invited to attend an exciting course offered by the AFS NEW Chapter.

Foundry 101 is being brought to our area's foundry industry for foundries and suppliers who have an interest in learning more about the basics of the foundry operation. Please share this with your employees, coworkers, and managers...anyone who may benefit from this course!

Foundry 101 presented by AFS NEW partners Monday, March 5th 3:00 pm - 5:30pm Bridgewood Resort and Conference Center | Neenah Course Cost | $25
* includes dinner at the NEW Monthly Chapter meeting, immediately following
* Course Topics Modeling/Engineering Sand Preparation Molding/Pouring Melting Metallurgy

Click Here to Register

Participants must register online by February 28th. 

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The Hill and Griffith Company's green sand metalcasting foundry supplies help achieve the EPA's M.A.C.T. standards and reduce Benzene emissions. Our variety of environmentally sound release agents, coatings, partings, lubricants, core oils and specialty products will help you meet your metal casting's needs. We're known for our hands on approach. Let us visit your plant and recommend products that suit your needs.

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