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Review of AFS Glossary Foundry Terms: AQL to Flask

Posted by Hill and Griffith Company on Dec 27, 2018 6:02:16 PM

A review of The American Foundrymen's Society's Glossary of Foundry Terms from the "Casting Buyer's Guide"

AQL - Acceptable Quality Level. A quality level established on a prearranged system of inspection using samples selected at random.

As-cast condition - Casting without subsequent heat treatment.

Backing sand - The bulk of the sand in the flask. The sand compacted on top of the facing sand which covers the pattern.

Core binders

Binder - The bonding agent used as an additive to mold or core sand to impart strength or plasticity in a “green" or dry state (also see green sand).

Burn-on sand - Sand adhering to the surface of the casting which is extremely difficult to remove. May be due to soft molds, poor sand compaction, insufficient mold coating (graphite) paint, or high pouring temperature.

Chaplet - A small metal insert or spacer used in molds to provide core support during the casting process. Correctly used will fuse with the molten metal.

Charge - A given weight of metal introduced into the furnace.

Chill - A metal insert in the sand mold used to produce local chilling and equalize rate of solidification throughout the casting.

Cleaning – Removal of runners, risers, flash, surplus metal, and sand from a casting

Cold shut – A surface imperfection due to unsatisfactory fusion of metal. Caused by insufficient fluidity, low pouring temperature, improper choice of alloy, or inadequate runner systems.

Cope - The top half of a horizontally parted mold.

Core - A metal insert in a die to produce a hole in a pattern. (See preformed ceramic core.)

Core assembly - An assembly made from a number of cores.

Corebox - The wooden, metal, or plastic tool used to produce cores.

Coreprint - A projection on a pattern which leaves an impression in the mold for supporting the core.

Metalcasting Core Paste - Core Adhesives

Core wash - A suspension of a refractory material applied to cores and dried. (Intended to improve surface of casting.)

Crush - Displacement of sand at mold joints.

Cupola - A cylindrical straight shaft furnace usually lined with refractories, for melting metal in direct contact with coke by forcing air under pressure through openings near its base.

Cure - To harden.

Die - A metal form used as a permanent mold for die casting or lost wax process.

Dowel - A pin of various types used in the parting surface of parted patterns or dies to assure correct registry.

Draft - Taper on the vertical sides of a pattern or corebox which permits the core or sand mold to be removed without distorting or tearing of the sand.

Drag - The bottom half of a horizontally parted mold.

Ejector pins - Movable pins in pattern dies which help remove pat­terns from the die.

Facing sand - The sand used to surround the pattern, which produces the surface in contact with the molten metal.

Feeder - Sometimes referred to as a riser. A vertical channel in the mold (part of the runner system} which forms the reservoir of molten metal necessary to compensate for losses due to shrinkage as the metal solidifies.

Finish allowance - The amount of stock left on the surface of a casting for machining.

Finish mark - A symbol (f, fl, f2, etc.) appearing on the line of a drawing that represents the edge of the surface of the casting to be machined or otherwise finished.

Flask - A metal or wood rigid frame without top and without fixed bottom used to hold the sand of which a mold is formed; usually consisting of two parts, cope and drag.

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