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Posted by Hill and Griffith Company on Mar 26, 2019 2:04:55 PM

Businesses need to function at least five days per week. Castings are found all over a standard workplace setting, allowing tasks to be completed. 

Green Sand Casting Office Examples

Green Sand Casting Fan
Diecast components have ideal cosmetics for fans.


Fans serve multiple purposes. When designed creatively, they can make an environment visually interesting. Then there’s the original purpose: ventilation. Diecasting holds advantages of quality, detail and cost benefits for high volume production over other metal forming processes, and its surface finish is ideal for cosmetic applications.

Green Sand Casting Dishwasher case
Motor housings and valves are cast in dishwashers.


OK, some of us spend more time in the breakroom than others. That’s fine if you get your work done. But the break-room is filled with castings. That coffee you’re drinking? Could be brewed in a pot that’s filled with castings. One example is the moka pot, which is made from aluminum, stainless steel or other alloys. Then, hopefully, when you’re done with your coffee mug you put it in a dishwasher. That dishwasher also has castings, specifically in the housing of the motor or the valves that make the products work.

Green Sand Casting Aluminum Turkish Coffee Pot
The moka pot is a cast from aluminum, stainless steel, or other alloys.

Green Sand Casting LED Light
Light fixtures can feature diecast housings.


It’s hard to do your job without adequate lighting. It also helps if the light fixtures are attractive and easy to look at. These lighting fixtures feature diecast aluminum housings and connector boxes. They are sturdy, cost-efficient and modern.

Green Sand Casting Computer Case


When you look around an office, you’ll notice every workspace or cubicle has its own personal touches. One worker might be a baseball fan who displays sports memorabilia, and another might be into photography who posts their pictures. But one thing every desk has in common is a computer. You probably can’t see it, but the chassis is routinely an aluminum diecasting, which brings crucial durability and weight savings.

Green Sand Casting Chair
The bases of chairs are commonly diecast.


You don’t live in an office, but they can feel like home. Depending on the job, a position might require a worker to spend nine or 10 hours per day at work, so it’s important for the office to be welcoming, comfortable and functional.

Especially your chair.

The base of your chair, the one you might be sitting in right now, is quite possibly diecast. Aluminum is a common metal, but other lightweight metals can be chosen. Regardless, castings are picked for durability and cosmetics.

A MODERN CASTING Magazine Staff Report, February 2019. Read the online article here.


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