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Sakae Opens Aluminum Green Sand Metalcasting Foundry Technology Partnership

Posted by Hill and Griffith Company on May 30, 2017 4:38:55 PM

Sakae Casting, a Japanese company that specializes in precision casting of pipes and mold forms, recently opened a U.S. aluminum green sand metalcasting foundry research partnership location in Idaho Falls, ID. There it intends to work with the University of Idaho, Idaho National Laboratory (INL), and firms involved in nuclear and advanced manufacturing, supporting their research capabilities and building a U.S. base for its capabilities.

With a headquarters in Tokyo, Sakae Casting has aluminum-alloy sand casting and copper-alloy diecasting capabilities. Its products include molds for forming automotive urethane sheet and seat upholstery.

Aluminum Green Sand Metalcasting Foundry 2.jpg

The company also has a proprietary vacuum molding technology and a “pipe casting” process for forming solid aluminum parts with internal channels for stainless steel pipe.

“It is my mission to create job opportunities in Eastern Idaho to support their strong science, research and education sectors,” stated president and CEO Takashi Suzuki. “Additional employment opportunities will be created as we expand our business by working with our Japanese partner Ohzen to connect Japanese services and technologies with U.S. markets.”

Ohzen is a precision machining specialist producing parts in cast iron, stainless steel, and specialty metals, used in ultra-high precision devices like 3D measurement equipment and the electron microscopes.

Sakae Casting’s U.S. operation opened in early April.

(Above from Robert Brooks' article on Foundry Management and Technology Magazine's website.)

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Above from Isaac Pottenger's, Salesfull Channel, interview with President Suzuki of SAKAE CASTING Co.,Ltd.
Aluminum Green Sand Metalcasting Foundry 5.jpg

Above from Conner Board, Idaho Falls KPVI Channel 6 reporting.

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