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Green Sand Metalcasting Foundry News

Green Sand Foundry Video Profile: Willman Metalcasting

Posted by Hill and Griffith Company on Nov 6, 2018 3:02:23 PM

Willman Industries is a large, independent, jobbing metal castings foundry, located in Cedar Grove, Wisconsin, just 40 miles north of Milwaukee


This week we're highlighting a green sand foundry that produced an informative and educational video. From the Willman Foundry website, "We produce all types of grey iron and ductile iron castings including Austempered Ductile Iron, Hi-Sil Moly and a full range of Meehanite grades. Our castings range from 1 lb. to 40,000 lbs. for the products of many of the most demanding and respected blue chip companies in the world. We are ISO 9000 Certified, and our casting quality has been certified by a number of our Fortune 500 customers including Caterpillar, Inc., John Deere, Case New Holland, etc. In addition, we have earned the coveted Meehanite MAC 2000 Quality Award for Excellence." 

Transcript from the video,

"In iron, there's a lot of different components to it, and all of those elements have to work together. Not one drop of iron is poured in this foundry that we do not know the full chemistry of.

Can't have a quality iron casting without all the various elements doing their part. What I've been saying for 40 years in Cedar Grove at our company is the best quality always wins.


Every customer buys their castings based on a specification. It's our responsibility to meet that specification. If we fail to produce a product that meets your customer specs, or fail to meet the drawing ... Even if they agree to buy those, they're not going to bring the next product to you.

We can make difficult, high strength metallurgical castings. That separates us from the rest of the people. You can't just pour anything into anything. It's got to be very specific and very precise.

Willman Industries has always been about quality, and that's what we will always be about in the future. That's why we'll be here. Half the business we've received in this foundry came from other foundries that failed or could not produce the quality, and that's a true story.


When you come here, I can guarantee you personally that you're not going to lose the pattern because we went out of business. We care about what we do. We care about the quality of our product. We care about our clients, and we're also in a great community in Cedar Grove.

Cedar Grove supports us and helps us, and we think we help them. We provide hundreds of jobs, and we're just proud to be a part of this community and this family. There are not just three generations of Willmans; there are several generations of several families here, literally and figuratively. We really do care about each other, and we care about what we do here."

Green Sand Metalcasting Foundry News From Willman Industries

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